Public charging

All about charging in the public

What do you need to know, when charging in public?

If you do not have the opportunity to charge your vehicle at home, there are other options for charging outside in the public. There is a large charging network established in Denmark, and this is still only getting bigger. Many charging operators are already in the process of expanding the network with more charging stations, which must ensure that the public charging infrastructure continues to keep up with the increase in electric cars. If you live in a block of flats, please check your local area for charging options.

You can charge your electric vehicle through a smaller charging stand in the city (11-22 kW), a fast charger (40-100 kW) (often found at petrol stations, rest areas and shopping centres) or via a super charger (100 + kW) which is often found by the motorway network.

There are many apps that you can use to find the nearest charging station, and several electric cars have in-car navigation that helps you find the right charging station.

How fast can I charge my EV?

7.4 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery7h45m
  • 75 kWh EV battery10h

11 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery5h15m
  • 75 kWh EV battery6h45m

50 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery53 min
  • 75 kWh EV battery1h20m

150 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery18 min
  • 75 kWh EV battery27 min

Charging map

    Rapid chargers

    Rapid chargers have fixed cables with different types of plugs. So you don't need your own charging cable for this. Attach the charging cable in the car and in the charging point. You can easily start and stop charging with your charge card.

How much does it cost to charge in the public?

The cost of charging your EV publicly depends on the operator of the charging station. Prices may include a start-up fee (one-off fee) and may be based on either per minute or per kWh. Check with your fleet administrator what is allowed in terms of charging in public spaces.

There are various options for payment at publicly available charging stations. You have the option of a charging chip via LeasePlan from the selected charging providers (OK, Spirii, Shell Recharge, E.ON and Clever), but several other providers are on the way. With these providers, you can charge freely at the publicly available charging stations.

Roaming operators for use in the EU: Spirii Go (app) and Shell Recharge.

The prices of the individual roaming operators vary, and you should be aware that not all of them state the price per kWh in their app.

Tips for charging abroad

When taking your EV abroad, there are a few things you need to consider. Will my charging card work everywhere? What infrastructure is available? How to plan the best route? It might seem like a lot at first but with a little planning you’ll be good to go!

Fortunately, there are around 285,000 charging points in Europe. Your main tool when you're going for a long drive is the Spirii Go app

The app contains global and searchable maps of public charging points for electric cars. Charging points are displayed in the app, so you are safely held in the palm of your hand on your drive.

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