Home charging

Home charging explained

Home charging station

Charging at home

If possible, we recommend setting up a home charger. Being able to charge your electric vehicle at home helps provide security and ensures that you can start the day with a 100% charged electric vehicle.

LeasePlan works with a number of providers of home charging stations, and we will be happy to talk to you about your options and help you get started with the charging solution that suits you best.

The providers LeasePlan uses also handle reimbursement of kWh consumption in private homes.

Can I get a home charger installed?

Do you rent a house with parking on private land? Contact your landlord and ask about the possibilities.Do you own a home with parking on private land? No problem! You can arrange for a private charging point suited to your technical specifications.I'm part of a homeowners association Contact your chairman or deputy chairman of the owner's association to hear about the possibilities of having a home charger installed.I can't park on private property, and I can't get a home charger. You can still charge your EV. The alternative is to charge your electric car in the infrastructure or at work.

The most convenient way to charge

Safe, convenient, and easy to use, a home charger lets you recharge your car while you eat, play, and sleep. Just plug your EV in when you get home, start charging sessions via your charge card, or schedule charging for a certain time of day and be ready to go in the morning.

Charging time from empty to full

7.4 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery7h45m
  • 75 kWh EV battery10h

11 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery5h15m
  • 75 kWh EV battery6h45m

50 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery53 min
  • 75 kWh EV battery1h20m

150 kW power output

  • 50 kWh EV battery18 min
  • 75 kWh EV battery27 min