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The Citroën offers a modern, fashionable, high-tech vehicle at any life stage. From small, sporty models to family cars with grandeur, each Citroën model has its own unique signature. A special car for any occasion, Citroën delivers a stylish driving adventure.


Citroën - French design for the modern traveller

Founded in 1919 by Andre-Gustave Citroen, the French car manufacturer started producing vehicles with simple designs to supply the growing demand of the middle class. In fact, Citroen was the first to introduce industrial, mass-produced automobiles outside the US. Ever since the launch of the Citroen DS in the 1950s with its iconic, aerodynamic design, Citroen has proven again and again that accessible and functional vehicles don’t have to be boring. Today, Citroen still designs for the needs of the modern traveller, and there is still a Citroën to suit everyone.

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