Buy your company car

Give your lease car a second career

Your contract will end in three months, but no need to worry. You don't have to say goodbye to your car.

You have the opportunity to buy your vehicle at an attractive price. 

Benefit from the following advantages

  1. A vehicle you know and can rely on

    You have security and transparency, because nobody knows your company car as well as you do.

  2. A perfect service history

    Your LeasePlan vehicle has been exclusively and completely serviced by partner workshops. You will receive a complete list of maintenance proofs and vehicle history.

  3. An attractive price

    You don't have to trade or haggle with us. We give you directly our best price. Winter tires, if available, are already included in the purchase price.

  4. Uncomplicated and transparent purchase

    The buying process is easy and convenient for you.

It's that easy

This offer is aimed at company car drivers whose leasing contract expires in the next three months. If your contract ends in more than three months, please contact your fleet manager to discuss a purchase option.

The vehicle purchase offer is based on the imputed end of the contract and does not indicate that a new vehicle has been ordered or is already available. Private customers cannot buy vehicles that have an existing damage of more than 500 €.

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The next step to your dream car

Ask for a non-binding purchase price offer for your leased vehicle.
If you would like to accept our offer, please contact your fleet manager.
To make the purchase perfect, simply sign our offer and make the bank transfer.