Vehicle insurance

Arranging the insurance cover is mandatory but for most drivers it is a hassle. We will arrange the insurance for you. LeasePlan provides the complete vehicle insurance service, selecting the right insurance company and taking care of all formalities.

Why insure your vehicle through LeasePlan?

Why insure your vehicle through LeasePlan?

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How to proceed with reporting an insurance claim?

If any insurance event occurs, you should report it to us as soon as possible. Our claims handling department will arrange for the vehicle to be inspected by a liquidator. LeasePlan will ensure the claim settlement and payment of insurance indemnification. You can report an insurance event:

What types of insurance does LeasePlan arrange?

Third-party liability

Third party liability is a mandatory insurance for all vehicles registered in the Czech Republic. You can choose from two different limits for indemnification:

LeasePlan will arrange this insurance, as well as the issue of the international proof of insurance (so-called "green card") for each calendar year of your lease contract.

Own damage insurance

The scope of this insurance is defined in the general insurance conditions. It covers the following insurance risks: accident, theft, vandalism and natural disasters.

If the car is equipped with any security devices (for example: glass coding, mechanical security device, active or passive security of the vehicle), a discount will be applied to the insurance premium.

Glass-break insurance

This insurance covers all glasses and windows except for the roof window. The scope of this insurance is the same as the scope of own damage insurance. If you use one of the partner services to repair the windows, the insurance company does not charge the deductible amount. This insurance is arranged without limiting the number of claims during the insurance period.

If you carry out the repair in a service station outside of the partner network, the insurance company charges a deductible amount of 10%.

Luggage insurance

This insurance covers damages to or destruction of the luggage transported in the vehicle. The insurance covers the following risks: natural disasters, accident, theft, vandalism and loss. The luggage insurance can be arranged with various limits of insurance indemnification. The insured party participates on the insurance indemnity by a fixed deductible amount.

Passenger insurance

This insurance covers persons transported in the vehicle to a maximum of the specified number of seats in the vehicle. The passenger insurance covers permanent disability and death as a result of an accident.

Legal protection insurance

The insurance facilitates legal interests of the insured party within the framework of civil law claims, criminal law, insurance law, contract law and property law related to the vehicle. The legal protection insurance can be arranged for the driver or for the driver and his family as well.

Tire insurance

This insurance type covers damage to tires that are firmly mounted on the vehicle (vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.5 t). The tire insurance covers the following insurance risks: hitting a sharp object on the road, poor road condition, vandalism, theft and natural disasters.

The insurance includes ; with this service the client is entitled to repair of the damaged tire on site, exchange of the tire for a spare one, or towing of the vehicle to the nearest contractual LeasePlan service, up to the amount of the relevant limits.

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