End-to-end charging solution

LeasePlan’s end-to-end charging solution

Switching to electric is one of the best decisions a company can make nowadays. It is better for the environment, a great ride for your drivers and with the low emission zones in cities combined with government incentives, costs are getting lower for EVs.

Driving electric is easier now than ever before. There are more electric vehicles available with increasing ranges, which makes it easier to do the switch. On top of that, all charging solutions that you need for your electric vehicles, can be delivered by LeasePlan. This way, you only have one single point of contact for all the logistics that come with an electric vehicle.

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LeasePlan is your one-stop shop for electric charging solutions

By offering home and workplace chargers to your drivers, 90% of the charging needs are covered. Full charge at night is the most common charging method. There are more than 150,000 public charging poles already available in Europe and this number is growing very fast. LeasePlan’s packaged e-solution via one point of contact includes:

  • Charge card: Our offer includes a charge card that is used at home and workplace chargers and by default has the option to charge at all available public charge points in Europe. At the moment the coverage is 70,000+ public chargers in Europe The charge card is provided with an mobile app for Android and Apple phones. This app provides insights the location of all the available chargers, provides the opportunity to start and stop a charge session and many more functions. The invoice will be available in digital formats and can be combined with the fuel invoice.
  • Workplace charger:

Charging points up to 50 kW



Activated by LeasePlan charge card or app

  • Home charger (hardware):

Our standard home charging solution will be the ICU Eve Mini Single, with the following characteristics: Smart charging station with modern, robust, compact housing

Charging capacity of 3,7 kW up to 22 kW which supports all vehicles

Full production in Europe with A-quality components

OCPP 1.6 protocol implemented

Easy set-up at home location with configured charger and activated sim-card

Charging capacity adaptability through unique smart meter connectivity (consequently charging on maximum power and adjustment power to other home appliances)

Also included: automatically driver re-imbursement, order and fulfilment process via the LeasePlan portal, 24/7 support and maintenance service, management information for fleet management.

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Client EONLeasePlan helped us reduce CO2 emission by 10% as well as our fleet management resources by 50% due to their unique electric vehicle offers, qualified processes and their specialised team.

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