Service and maintenance in one single app

My LeasePlan, the self-service app for drivers

My LeasePlan is the one-stop shop for all car-related service and maintenance for drivers. Your employees can find a service for repairs and maintenance, report damage and accidents, solve tire changes, update mileage… all within a few clicks! So less hassle for you and your drivers.

My LeasePlan, which is a pretty smart plan because it ensures you’ll receive the right service at the right price from our network of premium service providers. Simply put, My LeasePlan makes your car care as carefree as driving can feel. It minimizes paperwork, removes the hassle, and saves you time while keeping you safely on the road. All you have to do is activate your account, download the app and enjoy the ride.

Your vehicle care needs at your fingertips

My LeasePlan puts all your vehicle care needs right at your fingertips. So, if you need to solve annual car maintenance, it’s no problem. Or, if you want to report an incident or access your contract or car details, that’s easy too. In your personal online portal, you and your drivers can:

Client testimonial

Client RGNLeasePlan helped increase our driver satisfaction by 10% due to time saving through Service by LeasePlan in which LeasePlan is highly unique.

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