Operational leasing

Operational leasing is the most effective method to acquire a new car. It saves you time and money! It is a long-term vehicle rental for a period of 24-60 months, while the lease installment is tax deductible.

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Operational leasing saves you time, money, as well as any hassle.

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We offer 5 different products for companies of various sizes and with various fleets. We can propose solutions for a small entrepreneur, as well as for a large corporation.

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What are the differences between operational lease and acquiring a car on property?


What makes operational leasing different from the standard financial leasing? In case of financial leasing, the client becomes the owner of the car after the lease expiry; in case of operational leasing, the car is owned by the leasing company, which makes it a form of long-term rental. The advantage is that you can replace regularly the vehicles after the lease expiry with brand new models.What are the benefits of operational leasing? Operational leasing saves you time and costs. You pay a fixed monthly installment without the need of an initial down payment. All administration is taken care of by LeasePlan, including servicing, maintenance and insurance claims.What is the contract term of operational leasing? The contract term is anywhere from 24 to 60 months, with the most frequently used period being 48 months, however, you are the one to select the contract term. Is down payment necessary for closing the contract? No, you don't pay any down payment up front, it is not required when closing the contract. You always pay just the fixed monthly lease installment.What is the difference between closed calculation and open calculation? In both cases you will pay a fixed monthly lease installment, agreed in the contract. In case of open calculation, LeasePlan returns the potential savings on the maintenance and tire service not used during the lease term. Open calculation is suitable for  companies with large fleets looking for additional savings.How to proceed in case of accident involving a car under operational leasing contract? In case of any damage caused on the vehicle, in case of damage by a third party or in case of vehicle theft, it is necessary to call our non-stop service line for drivers at +420 296 333 666 and our operators will give you more instructions for the specific case.What to do if the car needs servicing? If you need to arrange regular maintenance for the vehicle or in case of a breakdown, please call our non-stop service line for drivers at +420 296 333 666, extension 3, and our operators will arrange the service for you.What happens with the car after the lease contract expires? After the lease expires, the car is returned to LeasePlan, while you have the possibility to purchase the car for an advantageous price. If there is no interest to buy the used car, we will arrange its sale through our used-car sale point CarNext or other contractual partner. More information about the process of vehicle return may be found [here](targetSelf:/en-cz/driver-services/lease-termination/).

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