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Your fleet management will be easier and hassle free thanks to our online applications. What online applications for operational leasing do we offer?


Web portal and mobile application for drivers. It is a comprehensive solution for communication between drivers and LeasePlan, containing clear information about the leasing contract, technical data about the vehicle and the agreed services, including the possibility of ordering them.

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Online portal

The online portal is your gateway to various electronic applications that make your work easier and more effective. Only clients or business partners of LeasePlan have access to the system. The portal combines the following applications: My Fleet, Driver Management, Vehicle Documents, eOrders and SIMS.

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My Fleet

My Fleet gives you information about the number of vehicles in the fleet, the cost of purchasing cars, the length of the lease contracts, mileage, insurance claims, lease contract expiry and vehicle termination, fuel consumption or CO2 emissions and many other details.

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eOrders allows easy access to the system for calculations and orders both for clients and suppliers. The approval of calculations, creation and approval of orders, ordering and delivery of the vehicle - all these actions in one place and under control.

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The principal part of the system is the automatic logbook. In addition, the system also provides tracking the movement of vehicles on the map, as well as a number of statistical data (mileage, consumption, speed, etc.) and other functions.

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E-learning is a comprehensive solution for mandatory employee training, agenda management and professional counseling support. What it means for you is that it not only brings interesting cost savings but also provides more effective organization in this area.

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