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Select the right solution that fits the specific needs of your business. We will carry out an analysis and propose the right operational leasing product. On top of that, we will customize it for you.


Comfort Plan

Comfort Plan offers a wide range of services and is suitable for fleet management of mid-size companies.

With Comfort Plan, we guarantee the costs related to the vehicle operation. It is based on the principle of closed calculation, as it focuses on low monthly payment while providing high-quality services.

For whom is Comfort Plan suitable? Comfort Plan is primarily used by companies that:

Advantages of Comfort Plan


Partner Plan

Partner Plan is a complex solution in the form of full-service leasing and is based on the principle of open calculation. That means that all potential savings on maintenance and tire service are returned to the client after the lease expiry.

The client can make selection from a wide range of accompanying services.

For whom is Partner Plan suitable? Partner Plan is primarily used by companies that:

Advantages of Partner Plan



Do you need to be flexible in your planning?

FlexiPlan is just for you! The advantages of long-term operational leasing with maximum flexibility. You're not bound by a year-long contract - you arrange mobility for your drivers when you need it.

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Owner Plan

Owner Plan offers all advantages of operational leasing to companies that prefer to keep their car fleets in their ownership while saving on their administrative workload.

For whom is Owner Plan suitable? Owner Plan is primarily used by companies that:

Advantages of Owner Plan


Sale & Lease Back

Sale & Lease Back is a product offering refinancing of your current fleet in the form of sale of the vehicles to LeasePlan, and their subsequent lease to the client under the operational leasing contract.

That way you gain additional financial resources needed for further growth of your business.

For whom is Sale & Lease Back suitable? Sale & Lease Back is used primarily by companies that:

Advantages of Sale & Lease Back


LeasePlan Go

Are you an entrepreneur or a company with fleet of 1-10 vehicles?

LeasePlan Go is our long-term vehicle rental program for small companies. You will take advantage of a number of services and benefits connected with the vehicle operation in the duration of the contract.

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