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Does your company have branches in several countries or international vehicle fleet or do you plan one? Your goal will be to make the fleet management in the countries as easy and as effective as possible.

Are we talking about you?

LeasePlan International offers the same local professional services on global level in more than 30 countries.  We will give you the real international vehicle fleet management:

  • local professional services
  • international implementation and coordination
  • consolidated reporting
  • optimization of the entire fleet, as well as control and reduction of costs, reduction of CO2 emissions and sustainability
  • global insight into fleet and reporting
  • consultation services, analysis of fleet costs, as well as consultancy in social responsibility and environmental sustainability

We will create an international plan for your fleet just for you. We offer comprehensive solution while focusing on what's next for you. That way you save the hassle and devote your time and energy to keeping your company in motion. Let us become your global partner.

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What’s next for International Fleet Management?

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To keep you informed about the latest on Fleet Management across the globe.

  • Outside the box solutions to global procurement challenges
  • Sustainability issues and solutions
  • Innovative ways to lower fleet costs
  • Lowering costs through improved driver behavior
  • Exploring the benefits of fleet harmonization
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