Electronic highway vignette

Dear clients,

In connection with the transition to electronic vignettes, we would like to assure you that all vehicles for which you have arranged a vignette product with us are equipped with a valid annual electronic vignette.

The https://edalnice.cz portal offers verification of the validity of highway signs. You will see information about the validity of your vignette from the 1st day of this validity.

Exemptions and special rates

  • Electric, hydrogen or hybrid vehicles (CO2 emissions up to 50 g/km) are automatically exempt from motorway charges if they have a special number plate (starting with the letters EL).
  • For vehicles that meet the exemption conditions but are not equipped with a special license plate, we are providing a Notice of Exemption.
  • We apply a reduced EKO rate to CNG powered vehicles.

If you have any questions, please contact your LeasePlan contact person.

Your LeasePlan Team


    If you do not have a Highway Vignette Service with our company, its acquisition is at your discretion. However, when ordering a vehicle to be transported through our company (e.g. returning the vehicle at the end of the lease or taking the car to a garage), the vehicle must be equipped with a valid electronic highway sign. We always take the car by the shortest route that can follow the paid segments.