Termination of operational leasing

Vehicle return

Is the lease of your vehicle about to expire and you're not interested in purchasing the car? Make a choice from the following options for vehicle return.

Hassle-free termination in a few steps

We recommend following these guidelines:

    Step 1 - Make sure about the timing of the vehicle return

    Make sure that the time is right to return your vehicle based on the contractual conditions.

    Step 2 - Check the state of the vehicle

    Check the state of the vehicle before you return it and decide for yourself whether some of the damages should be repaired before the return. You can also report the damages as insurance claims. After you return the vehicle, it is no longer possible to arrange the repair or claim any damages as insurance event. To better understand what is acceptable damage and what is extra wear and tear, please refer to the Manual for extra wear and tear for passenger and utility vehicles.  If you are unsure about the state of your vehicle and want to avoid any charges for extra wear and tear, you can make use of the pre-inspection carried out by an inspector from SGS company. After the vehicle is inspected and the damages are identified, you can decide if the amount for extra wear and tear is acceptable or if you want to have the car repaired and returned in a perfect condition. The pre-inspection is a paid service charged according to the valid price list. If you want to make use of this option, please order the service by sending an e-mail to carremarketing@leaseplan.cz.

    Step 3 - Get the vehicle ready for the return

    The vehicle must be handed over washed so that it is possible to make an inspection of its state and to detect any damages. The vehicle must be returned without any company logos. These must be removed without damaging the paint. Any damage on the vehicle resulting from the applied logos or their removal, which is evaluated as excessive wear and tear by SGS company, is the responsibility of the client. Together with the vehicle, please return all installed accessories, such as tow bar, safety features, division nets, etc. Also please return the mandatory equipment supplied and the extra set of tires.

    Step 4 - Have the vehicle documentation at hand

    It is necessary to return also the vehicle documentation together with the vehicle, as well as other items supplied to you in the lease duration. This includes especially:

    • vehicle registration card
    • proof of TPL payment, so-called green card
    • fuel card/-s
    • servicing booklets, vehicle manuals
    • all keys (incl. keys to the security devices, if installed)
    • radio and alarm codes
    • extra set of tires
    • warranty documents to all equipment and accessories (such as radio, tow bar)
    Step 5

    Please select the method of vehicle return. The individual options may differ based on the type of lease product

    Step 6

    When handing over the vehicle to an authorized LeasePlan representative, a hand-over protocol will be drawn up. Kindly check the information included before signing the protocol.

Methods of returning the vehicle

1. Vehicle is picked up at the address specified by the client

How does this service work: We will come to your place to pick up the vehicle and the hand-over protocol will be signed on the spot. You will determine the location and the time! The vehicle is then taken to the drop-off location where it is inspected by the inspector from SGS company in order to assess the extra wear and tear. If you're not sure about the state of the vehicle before you return it, you can arrange a pre-inspection (see Step 2 above).  When using this service, the vehicle must be equipped by valid highway vignette.

NOTE: This option not available for clients with LeasePlan GO product - refer to option No. 2 below - and with FlexiPlan product - refer to option No. 4 below.

Arrange vehicle pick-up

2. Vehicle is returned at the drop-off location with SGS inspector present

How does this service work: Do you want to have the vehicle inspected really carefully during the hand-over including a detailed description of the extra wear and tear? Arrange a vehicle return at the drop-off location with the SGS inspector. Book the date of the vehicle inspection online in advance, the inspections take place at the drop-off location where you will return the vehicle. An independent inspector will carefully inspect the vehicle and write a detailed report with you, including photographs. Allow for a handover time of approx. 45-60 minutes. When returning the vehicle, it is necessary to observe the pre-ordered time of the inspection (the maximum tolerance of your delay due to the continuity of other inspections is 15 minutes). Otherwise, you may be charged a contractual penalty for a failed inspection according to the valid price list. Kindly bring the second set of tires/wheels in the vehicle you’re about to return, if such set of tires/wheels was supplied by LeasePlan.

Subsequently, within 10 working days of returning the vehicle you will receive this inspection protocol via email where you will find a more detailed evaluation of the specific  excessive wear and tear, including the financial evaluation of the excessive wear of the returned vehicle. 

NOTE: This option is not available for FlexiPlan vehicle users - refer to option No. 4 below.

Return the vehicle with the SGS inspector

3. Vehicle is returned at the drop-off location without SGS inspector

How does this service work: In the online form, you can select the date and time when you bring the vehicle by yourself to LeasePlan‘s drop-off location. A representative of LeasePlan will take the vehicle from you and fill out a brief handover protocol. We kindly ask you to stick to the reserved time (maximum tolerance of 15 minutes). We cannot guarantee a handover if you arrive at the return location without prior appointment.

NOTE: This option not available for clients with LeasePlan GO product - refer to option No. 2 above - and with FlexiPlan product - refer to option No. 4 below.

Drop-off location details:

U Okruhu 587 252 50 Vestec u Prahy Working hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-16:00 (map)


4. Returning the vehicle with the FlexiPlan product

Please return the vehicle upon agreement with a LeasePlan representative at a dedicated phone number for FlexiPlan users - 774 744 515.

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