Termination of operational leasing

Vehicle purchase

Is the lease of your vehicle about to expire and you would like to purchase it afterwards? It is possible, find out more about the purchase options below.

Option to purchase the vehicle

Request for purchase in a few steps

We recommend that you follow these guidelines:

    Step 1 - Make sure your contract allows purchase of the vehicle after the lease expiry

    The purchase after lease expiry cannot be offered to FlexiPlan product users.

    Step 2 - Make sure about the timing of the vehicle purchase

    The right time is 30 days prior to the lease expiry at the earliest. To align the date of the lease termination of the current vehicle and the date of delivery of the new vehicle, we recommend that you begin the purchase process about 3 weeks prior to the scheduled termination of the lease contract.

    Step 3 - Request a non-binding price offer for the vehicle

    If you are interested in purchasing your leased vehicle, kindly fill out the online form below and we will send you in return an e-mail with a purchase contract proposal, incl. the purchase price, as well as detailed instructions on how to proceed. Then it is up to you whether you decide to take advantage of the offer.

In case you do not opt for the vehicle purchase, please select one of the options for vehicle return.

I am interested in vehicle purchase / in receiving a non-binding price offer

FAQ concerning vehicle purchase

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