Termination of operational leasing

Vehicle purchase

Is the lease of your vehicle about to expire and you would like to purchase it afterwards? It is possible, find out more about the purchase options below.

Request for purchase in a few steps

We recommend that you follow these guidelines:

    Step 1 - Make sure your contract allows purchase of the vehicle after the lease expiry

    The purchase after lease expiry cannot be offered to FlexiPlan product users. If you’re not sure about your operational lease product, please write to us and we will contact you shortly.

    Step 2 - Make sure about the timing of the vehicle purchase

    The right time is 30 days prior to the lease expiry at the earliest. To align the date of the lease termination of the current vehicle and the date of delivery of the new vehicle, we recommend that you begin the purchase process about 3 weeks prior to the scheduled termination of the lease contract. If you’re not sure when your operational lease is about to end, please write to us and we will contact you shortly.

    Step 3 - Request a non-binding price offer for the vehicle

    If you are interested in purchasing your leased vehicle, kindly fill out the online form below and we will send you in return an e-mail with a purchase contract proposal, incl. the purchase price, as well as detailed instructions on how to proceed. Then it is up to you whether you decide to take advantage of the offer.

In case you do not opt for the vehicle purchase, please select one of the options for vehicle return.

FAQ concerning vehicle purchase

How do I proceed in case of interest in buying the leased car? Please submit your request for a vehicle purchase on the website by completing the appropriate form above, however, no sooner than 30 days before the scheduled expiry of the lease. To align the lease end date of the current vehicle with the takeover date of the new vehicle, we recommend starting the vehicle purchase process approximately 3 weeks before the scheduled end of the operating lease. If you are buying the vehicle as a registered company (with VAT deduction), you must report this fact via e-mail to [carremarketing@leaseplan.cz](targetSelf:mailto:carremarketing@leaseplan.cz). Why can’t I make the change of vehicle registration myself? As the legal owners of the vehicle, we want to be in control of the vehicle transfer to ensure that all legal deadlines are met.What does the service fee for vehicle purchase include? The fee covers the cost of the registration check, the transfer of the vehicle and other administration associated with the sale of the vehicle.How does the whole process work? After you submit your [non-binding request](targetBlank:https://app.leaseplan.cz/form/en/purchase-vehicle) a proposal of a purchase contract with the purchase price will be sent to you. This will also include instructions how to proceed further. On the day of sending the payment it is necessary to have the third-party liability insurance arranged because on the day of crediting the amount the lease will be terminated, as well as all insurance for the vehicle. Once the vehicle is transferred, all documents are sent to the buyer, including the signed contract. How long does it take to finalize the vehicle purchase? It depends on many factors, such as: how quickly the buyer delivers the necessary documentation, provision of a registration check, payment of the amount for the vehicle. For the transfer itself, we estimate about 10 working days.

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