Essentials for safe driving

With the tire service, you get a professional tire service for the leased vehicle as part of the operational leasing contract. The only obligation that the driver has is to inspect the tires on the vehicle, or to use contractual partners for the inspection. They will make sure that the tires on the vehicle comply with the prescribed parameters because tires are essential for the safe use of the vehicle.

Right tires for every weather

Right tires for every weather

The right tires are needed for optimal driving all year round. Thanks to our tire change service, you will have exactly the tires that you need. To cope with seasonal weather and road conditions, safely.

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    For optimal performance of the tire, you should check the tire pressure once every two months.

FAQ concerning the tires

Where can I store the tires? You can store the tires of your vehicle at any of our contractual partners for tire services. The list of our contractual tire partner network may be found at our [website](targetBlank:, in the digital driver card [DriverPass](targetBlank: or in the vehicle documentation handed over to the driver (Driver set).Where are the tires of my vehicle stored? Drivers can find the storage location in the digital card [DriverPass](targetBlank:/en-cz/driver-services/kartaridice/). It is also available for the fleet managers in MyFleet in the report Overview of vehicles with tire storage location. When you store the tires in the tire service, you will receive a storage certificate stating the tire type, size and other items. If you don’t have the storage certificate, please [contact us](targetBlank: and we will find out the location.My tires seem to be worn out, what should I do? If you suspect that the tires on your car are worn out already, please go to a contractual [tire service](targetBlank:, they will check the state of the tires. In case the tires are worn out, the tire service will arrange a new set and will mount it on your car upon appointment.How to proceed for arranging the seasonal tire change? Make an appointment with the tire service where your tires are stored. You don’t know where they are? Go to the question **Where are the tires of my vehicle stored?** What services can I request in the contractual tire service stations? In addition to buying, changing and storing tires, you can also take advantage of additional services such as: bulb replacements, light adjustments, alignments, windscreen washer refills, purchase of snow chains, locking bolts and wheel caps.Do I have to arrange the tire services through LeasePlan? If your lease contract includes the tire service you can contact the [tire service](targetBlank: directly.

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