Web portal and mobile app for LeasePlan vehicle users

MyLeasePlan is a complex communication solution for LeasePlan vehicle users and the company LeasePlan, which contains relevant information about the lease contract, technical data and the contracted services, including the option of ordering these services.

What will you gain by using MyLeasePlan?

MyLeasePlan is a tool for all LeasePlan vehicle users, which have provided their contact details to LeasePlan (e-mail). The drivers will save their time and will be able to find detailed information about:

  • technical parameters of the leased vehicle
  • contractual conditions for the leased vehicle
  • detailed description of services provided to the leased vehicle
  • assistance services in case of vehicle breakdown, including the possibility to order them
  • servicing network available for the given vehicle, including the possibility to order the service (depending on the contractual conditions)

    route to the selected service location (with navigation)

  • procedure how to order the service provided to the leased vehicle

  • contact details of LeasePlan, as well as contact forms and the possibility to connect with the non-stop driver helpline
  • procedure for situations that may occur during the vehicle use

How does MyLeasePlan work?

After the contact details of the vehicle user (name and surname, e-mail address) are submitted to LeasePlan, a user profile is created and LeasePlan sends the driver a registration e-mail with a link to the web portal, as well as instructions how to download the app to the mobile device.


What can MyLeasePlan do?

  • By logging in to the MyLeasePlan web portal or by downloading the mobile application ("LeasePlan") to a mobile device, the user will gain immediate access to relevant information.
  • Through a PC (from home or office) or mobile devices (wherever your operator provides coverage), the user gets access to information about the leased vehicle and the contractual conditions.
  • The user has an easy option how to contact LeasePlan (driver hot-line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to order services through LeasePlan.
  • MyLeasePlan contains interactive forms for the most frequently used services: ordering a new registration plate or a replacement vehicle, reporting an insurance claim, arranging the pick-up of the vehicle at the end of the lease contract or printing the authorization card, as well as the opportunity to give us your feedback on the quality of our services.
  • The app also allows you to enter the current mileage on the leased vehicle or to look up any service partner.

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