Maintenance, repairs and tyres

Practical tips for taking good care of your car

Regular vehicle maintenance is one of the few obligations that the drivers of vehicles under operational leasing contract have to observe. To make it easy, we have a wide network of servicing partners across the country.


Stay mobile with regular maintenance

The regular maintenance of the vehicle is up to you. When your car needs servicing, please use the online form Arranging service to arrange the service, or you can call the non-stop driver helpline at +420 296 333 666.


We will repair the damage, small or big

When your vehicle breaks down, it can be frustrating and sometimes even dangerous for you. Our service partners offer fast and professional repairs so that you can get back on track as fast as possible.

Different ways how to arrange servicing of your car

You can use the online form to arrange the service, or you can call the non-stop driver helpline.

When using the online form to order servicing, you can navigate on a map to select the suitable contractual partner for the given service in the specified location. In the form, you enter your preferred dates, the required service work and any additional services.

If you order vehicle maintenance by calling the non-stop driver helpline, our trained staff will select the most suitable partner for the given service and arrange additional services that will guarantee your mobility and comfort, such as vehicle pick-up, replacement vehicle during the vehicle downtime, or car wash.

How to arrange the appointment with the service partner?

  1. Client contacts LeasePlan

    Please make use of the online request form Arranging service or call our non-stop line for drivers +420 296 333 666.

  2. Selection of the supplier

    When using the online form, you can select one of the suppliers displayed on the map and fill in the required data to complete the order, including your preferred dates for servicing. LeasePlan has reserved capacities for its clients in selected services of certain car makes. In such case, you will select directly the free appointment date that will be binding.

    If you order vehicle maintenance by calling the non-stop driver helpline, we will address the suitable servicing partner and reserve a date for you according to your schedule.

  3. Confirmation

    The agreed date and the selected service location is confirmed by SMS, e-mail and DriverPass notification.

  4. Reminder

    You will receive a reminder by SMS, e-mail and DriverPass notification 24 hours prior to the scheduled service date.

FAQ concerning maintenance and repairs

You can keep driving even when your car is being serviced

Major repairs take a while. But that doesn't mean you have to change your plans! Depending on your contract, you may be entitled to a short-term replacement vehicle.

Please arrange the replacement vehicle by calling our service line +420 296 333 666 or by e-mail to

More about the replacement vehicle service

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