Fuel cards

Fill up your car fast and hassle-free without worrying about cash. Apart from the comfort of cash-free payment, use of the fuel card also offers convenient control of the fuel costs or the average consumption.

Advantages of fuel cards


For the company

savings on fuel purchases - savings on car wash costs - we guarantee quality of the fuel purchased - mitigate the risk of card abuse


For the fleet manager

decrease your administration load - unified invoicing - detailed reporting - simple administration for trips abroad


For the drivers

decrease of administration - help in case of emergency - we guarantee quality of the fuel purchased - possibility to join the customer benefit programs

What you should know about the fuel cards

Provision of fuel cards is one of the optional services, which you can arrange as part of the operational leasing contract. The fuel card is delivered to the driver together with the new vehicle. LeasePlan currently provides the following types of fuel cards or electricity charging chips:

You can set up the services that will be paid by the fuel card. Payments of other products and services will be charged. The scope of services may be changed, all you have to do is contact us for the adjustment of the conditions.

Whenever you use the fuel card at the filling station, kindly check your account. The card is secured by a PIN code delivered to the card user together with the fuel card.

In case of loss or damage to the card, please contact LeasePlan without delay. We will block the card and arrange issue of another one.

We automatically issue new cards replacing those that are about to expire.


Security rules

The PIN code may not be written on the fuel card or stored together with the fuel card. Such action makes abuse of the card easier.

Never leave the fuel card in the parked car.

The fuel card must not be in direct contact with a mobile phone, radio, magnet or any other device that could damage the magnetic band on the card.

The fuel card must be protected from the damage caused by extreme temperatures or by material damage.

How to use fuel cards?

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