Assistance service

The assistance service comes in handy when your car becomes inoperable due to a breakdown or an accident, in case of theft or as a result of a driver fault. The service is provided all over Europe.


Advantages of assistance service

  • The scope of the assistance and the guaranteed time limits are designed so that your maximum mobility is assured.
  • All the passengers travelling in the car are covered.
  • The service may be used repeatedly.
    How to make use of this service?

    Please contact the assistance service at our non-stop helpline for drivers +420 296 333 666. In case of scheduled vehicle servicing, please select "Replacement vehicle".  You will find more information in the driver portal MyLeasePlan.

What can we arrange for you?

  • Repair on the spot, extrication, vehicle towing
  • Accommodation of the vehicle passengers, incl. transportation
  • Replacement vehicle, incl. delivery
  • Transport of the repaired vehicle
  • Interpreter's services
  • Traffic information.

FAQ concerning assistance service

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