Damages due to traffic accident

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If you get involved in an accident or if your vehicle is damaged, your safety is our priority. You will get the help you need when contacting us.

Do you need immediate help?

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Please call the non-stop helpline for drivers +420 296 333 666
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Accidents and damages

Accidents do happen no matter how careful you may drive. In case of any damage, all you have to do is contact us.

What to do in case of accident or damage on the car?

  1. For your own benefit kindly fill out the Damage report form and if possible, take photos of the damage and accident location.

    The form may be found in the Driver set or you can download it here.

  2. You will be obliged to call the Police in the following cases:

    In case of any injury or death of any person involved in the accident,

    In case of material damage on any of the involved vehicles exceeding the amount of CZK 100.000,

    In case of any material damage on the property of a third person, with the exception of damage on the vehicle involved in the traffic accident,

    In case of any damage to the roadway, traffic signs, etc.,

    In case the parties involved in the accident do not agree on the party causing the accident or in case of other disagreement,

    In case there is any criminal activity or vandalism involved, including small material damages.

  3. Please report the damage to LeasePlan without delay and always prior to taking the vehicle for repair to the service.

    You can report the damage via phone at +420 296 333 666 or online through the available damage report form.

  4. Please do not use unauthorized assistance service or repair shops.

    We will help you make the right selection of the authorized service at the time of reporting the vehicle damage or you can always contact us at +420 296 333 666.

Burglary and theft

In case of vehicle theft or damage due to burglary, please report the incident to the Police first.

Subsequently please report the incident to LeasePlan at +420 296 333 666 or online through the available damage report form.

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