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The world of mobility is changing fast. That is why we want to set the future trends. For our company, for the industry, and for you, for our customers. See for yourself how we can deliver any car, anytime, anywhere. Today and in the future.


Reducing emissions to zero

Our industry is in the midst of a major rebirth. Our commitment is a greener future. At LeasePlan, we use our range of capabilities, our expertise and our branches around the world to be at the heart of the action.

In line with the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, LeasePlan wants to reduce emissions in the automotive sector to zero by 2030.

How do we achieve this?

Our strategy comprises of four steps:

  1. Support

    We cannot handle the change alone. Together with governments, non-governmental organizations and with the private sector, we are tackling energy, climate and air quality issues.

  2. Education

    We want to expand the use of low-emission vehicles. That's why we share information about options, benefits, and best practices so that consumers and policy makers are aware of all possibilities.

  3. Facilitation

    We enable consumers as much as possible to switch to electric cars. We offer competitive prices, full service packages and home charging stations.

  4. Leading

    We want to lead by example. For instance by supporting our employees to switch to low-emission cars. We also work with companies that implement sustainable transportation initiatives.


Car as a service - from ownership to use

We live in a time when people are no longer owning cars, instead, they are starting to use them as a service. With more than 50 years of leasing experience, LeasePlan has all the prerequisites to be a leader in the automotive services market. We can deliver any car, anytime, anywhere, whether you are a large company, a small or medium-sized enterprise, or an individual customer.

We are also developing new services together with mobility innovators, including companies such as Uber, SnappCar, Amovens, GoMore Spain, CityDrive and SocialCar.

Car sharing

Cars are designed to drive. So why should they stand idle? We develop innovative services that help consumers and businesses make the most of their budgets thanks to the fact that they use cars only when needed. And then they share them with another driver.

Smart technologies

Innovation for safer and fun driving

Technologies alter the meaning of the word "drive". Cars have become so smart, they resemble computers on wheels. This change brings new exciting opportunities.


Autonomous cars

Until a few years ago, self-driving cars were sci-fi. However, as technology and safety improves, they become a reality. Some experts claim that they will be common as early as 2030. We are constantly discovering new possibilities and we want to be at the forefront of developments in the field of autonomous cars and in related areas.


Smart technology makes it easy to navigate to your destination. Or streaming music from your phone. But it also protects you. In the event of an accident, the technology will notify the rescue services. It also improves your driving and reduces fuel consumption. We use data to improve your driving experience - whenever you get behind the wheel.

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