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At LeasePlan, we consider it our mission to provide you with innovative, sustainable vehicle leasing solutions, no matter who you are or where you need to go - so you can focus on your business.

LeasePlan worldwide

LeasePlan was founded in the Netherlands in 1963 and is currently present in over 30 countries. We manage about 1.9 million vehicles and our team consist of over 6.800 experts.

LeasePlan in the Czech Republic

LeasePlan started its operations in the Czech Republic in 1995. In 1996, LeasePlan handed over the first vehicle to the first client - the telecommunications company TelSource.

Until 1996, the concept of operational leasing was practically unknown in the Czech Republic, and no company offered such leasing. The car could be purchased either for cash or using the standard financial leasing. LeasePlan was the first in the Czech Republic to offer operational leasing.

Operational leasing for everyone Initially, it was mainly foreign companies that knew it from their home countries who were interested in operational leasing. Over time, Czech companies have discovered these benefits too, and not just the large ones. Also medium and small companies with several cars can be found among our clients.

Milestones of the Czech branch of LeasePlan 2003 – LeasePlan reaches 10.000 managed vehicles 2007 – ecological project GreenPlan is launched 2008 – LeasePlan Online, LeasePlan's internet tool is launched 2011 – sale venue for used vehicles CarNext opens 2014 – LeasePlan launches the product for small companies and individual entrepreneurs - LeasePlan Go 2017 – short-term operational lease product FlexiPlan is launched 2018 – MyLeasePlan, a new portal and mobile app for drivers 2019 - LeasePlan reaches 30.000 managed vehicles 2020 - new reporting and self-service system MyFleet is launched

Professionalism in the first place

In our opinion, professionalism is the basis. We therefore respect a strict code of ethics. The code of ethics emphasizes key principles and sets out the guidelines we follow in relation to customers, but also to the environment and social responsibility.

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