Fuel management

Take control of your fleet's fuel expenses

Fuel is a major—and growing—cost for fleet managers, and LeasePlan's Fuel Management program is a powerful tool for bringing those costs under control.

Key to the Fuel Management plan is the LeasePlan fuel card. It’s accepted at more than 90 percent of retail fuelling locations nationwide. Every time a driver uses the fuel card, the expense is automatically recorded. Managers can use the data to generate fuel management reports that indicate driver activity and vehicle fuel performance—and exception reports that flag unusual and unauthorized purchases. Now—with almost no effort—managers have the data and the tools to make informed financial decisions

Save time and money with the LeasePlan fuel card


Secure purchasing tools

Every fuel purchase is recorded—helping you to limit abuse and fraud. You can add purchasing parameters to the card and prevent unauthorized transactions before they occur.

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The LeasePlan fuel card is accepted at 90 percent of fuelling locations across Canada. Drivers are free to fill up wherever it saves them—and you—time and money.



Do your vehicles require unleaded or diesel fuel? Or an alternative fuel? The LeasePlan fuel card can work with whatever your fleet requires.

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