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What's next? Introducing our new Chief Digital Officer

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Michel Alsemgeest will be heading up LeasePlan Digital, launched earlier this year, from 1st October. Having made an impact on the digital environment of several large players in the world of logistics. Re-shaping the digital client experience. He is now ready to help LeasePlan move to next ‘digital’ level.
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At LeasePlan we are always looking ahead, at the future. To make sure our drivers are aware of the latest in technology. With regards to their cars. Making life easier for them, so they can focus on what matters to them. Staying mobile, and on the move.

Therefore, we have launched LeasePlan Digital. Ensuring we are staying in touch with the digital demands of all our customers, globally. Offering an easy-to-use website, online tools and apps. Answering their questions, solving their issues and providing them with all the necessary information. Online. Wherever they are. Whenever they want.

Michel and his LeasePlan Digital team will create a great digital experience. Part of an ever-evolving global marketing approach. Ready for the future. What's next.

Based upon a global view, we will develop a 'spot-on' digital experience, an amazing digital and omni-channel marketing approach based upon a ready-for-the-future flexible technology platform.

Michel AlsemgeestChief Digital Officer LeasePlan Digital
Published at September 9, 2017
September 9, 2017
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