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Eco vignette in France: compulsory from 1st July

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The French Vignette Crit'Air is compulsory from 1st july 2017 in several major cities, and will be introduced nationally in the next few years. Each city will have certain environmental zones. In these so-called 'zones à circulation restreinte' (ZCR) you are only allowed with a Vignette Crit'Air. Current participating cities: Paris, Lyon, Grenoble and Lille.
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The Crit'Air Vignette: no hassle travelling in France

There are 6 different categories for the Crit'Air vignettes. This all depends on the emission of your car. Each city will determine what the rules, or levels of emission, are. Paris is the first city, within the Paris ring road (périphérique), to introduce an eco-zone. It's, therefore, important to advise your drivers to apply for a vignette when driving in or through France. This way they will avoid penalties.

This is a great, first step towards lowering CO2 emissions in cities worldwide. Ensuring we will keep all of our cities sustainable.

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No vignette. That will be a €68 fine

Is it useful to order the Crit'Air vignette? Yes, it definitely is. Driving without the vignette means risking a fine. How much will depend on your car. For passenger cars the fines start from €68. A Crit'Air vignette costs 4.80 and only available online. How does it work? You can find a brief manual by clicking on the link below. Please share this link with all of your drivers. And advise them to order the vignette immediately as it takes approximately 30 days to arrive.

Paris is the first city to introduce an eco-zone, within the Paris ring road (périphérique)(Please note: not on the Périphérque itself). Please advise your drivers to always apply for the eco vignette. This way there will be no fines.

Published at September 12, 2017
September 12, 2017
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