Driver management solutions

Manage driver requests with ease 

As a fleet manager, you spend too much of your day dealing with calls from drivers. Save your time with FleetDesk—the LeasePlan driver contact centre that acts like an extension of your staff. FleetDesk staff will respond to your drivers your way, following your fleet policies.

If you need more fleet-related support, we can prepare a custom-tailored solution—MyFleetResource—for outbound communication to drivers, and in-depth knowledge, such as questions on vehicle acquisition, service and re-reselling.

FleetDesk: your extended call centre

Because your drivers keep calling, even when you’re busy, you need FleetDesk. With FleetDesk, LeasePlan takes over the day-to-day communication and driver support, leaving you to do your job uninterrupted. FleetDesk gives you and your drivers:

MyFleetResource: support your drivers with customized fleet communications

Now you can support a very large fleet—with a variety of drivers and vehicle tasks—without growing your staff, with MyFleetResource. MyFleetResource reduces your administrative time by managing all the time-consuming details and decisions related to your fleet program. You set the policies; your custom-tailored MyFleetResource plan does the rest:

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