Before you get started

We've put all of the instruction videos on Basecamp. That means you first have to join Basecamp and then join the Basecamp project where the videos are stored.

You can join Basecamp by signing up with your email address here: Once you've joined Basecamp, you can get access to the basecamp project where we've stored all of the videos by clicking this link:

Getting started

Watch these first couple of videos if you're using Sitecore for the first time.

Login screen This video will tell you more about the most important sections of Sitecore, such as the Content Editor, the Experience Editor and the Media Library. The video will also show you:

  • Where you can upload PDFs
  • Where you can find the brand database images and icons

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Building a page from scratch This video will show you how you can add a page to your site. This video will also show you how to edit:

  • Meta titles and meta descriptions (00:50)
  • URLs and navigation titles (01:35)

    It will also tell you:

  • How you can hide pages but keep them online (from 1:12 to end!)

  • How you can create a page with a URL directly under the home (2:14)
  • How you can make pages appear or not appear in the footer (3:15)

    > Watch video

Content sections This video will tell you a bit more about the different content sections that are available, and will show you how to add one (removing one can simply be done by right clicking on the item and selecting delete). The Kitchen Sink referenced in this video can be found here:

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Publishing This video explains how to publish something and discusses all the different options in the publishing menu. 

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Pargraph element Explains the different uses of a paragraph element. In addition, the video contains information on:

  • How to add links to pages and downloads in a paragraph element (01:22)
  • How you can fix problems with arterisks and odd looking characters / code appearing on a page (03:09)

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News items This tutorial describes everything you need to do to get a news item online.

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