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Choose from a range of electric options, each with its own set of benefits like quiet operation, easy maintenance, lower costs, and zero emissions.


Sustainable driving at its finest

The BYD ATTO 3 is a cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) with exceptional efficiency and advanced technology, available after one month from the date of ordering. Leasing this EV through LeasePlan offers numerous benefits, including maintenance, tax, and insurance coverage. The spacious interior, impressive performance, and commitment to sustainability make the BYD ATTO 3 the perfect choice for drivers who demand the best. The car's advanced features and reliability provide a confident and enjoyable driving experience.

Tesla Model 3

Electrify your journey

The Tesla Model 3 is a benchmark of innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry. With its sleek design, impressive performance, and advanced technology, it's no wonder why it's one of the most popular electric vehicles (EVs) on the market. Available after 3 months from the date of ordering, the Model 3 can be leased through LeasePlan, which includes maintenance, tax, and insurance coverage, providing drivers with reduced costs and peace of mind. From its spacious interior and advanced features to its commitment to sustainability, the Tesla Model 3 is the perfect choice for drivers seeking the ultimate driving experience.

Nissan Ariya

Innovative mobility, now available

The Nissan Ariya is a game-changer in the electric vehicle (EV) market, offering a seamless blend of style, performance, and technology. The Ariya is immediately available for leasing through LeasePlan, which includes maintenance, tax, and insurance coverage for added convenience and security. This makes the Ariya an exceptional choice for drivers seeking a modern and eco-friendly driving experience without the commitment of ownership. The Ariya's spacious interior, advanced features, and commitment to sustainability make it a standout choice for drivers who demand the best. From its impressive range and acceleration, to its cutting-edge design, the Nissan Ariya is the perfect vehicle for those looking for a modern and eco-friendly driving experience.

What's included in the price?


    Say goodbye to complicated tax calculations and tracking. With LeasePlan, your contract fee covers all traffic, registration, and financing taxes, making driving your electric vehicle stress-free.

    Maintenance & Tyres

    No need to worry about maintenance costs, tire replacements or unexpected technical repairs - we've got you covered. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all costs are included and you'll even receive a replacement car within 24 hours of a breakdown.


    With LeasePlan, you can rest easy knowing that most repairs are taken care of for you. From the smallest dent to the biggest issue, we've got your vehicle covered so you can focus on the road ahead.

    Roadside assistance

    Should you encounter a breakdown or any other technical problems on the road, don't panic. We'll get you back on the road in no time with our comprehensive roadside assistance service, available across Europe.

    Standard insurance

    Drive with confidence, knowing that LeasePlan's standard insurance coverage has got you covered. Our policy includes civil liability, risk retention, legal assistance, and driver insurance for ultimate peace of mind.

    Window repair

    Say goodbye to the hassle of a cracked windshield or broken window. Our expert servicemen and women will get your vehicle's windows repaired quickly and efficiently, ensuring a clear view of the road ahead.

Why LeasePlan?

LeasePlan is a global leader in Car-as-a-Service with 1.9 million vehicles in 28 countries. We manage the entire life cycle of our vehicles and provide the best service for corporate, SME and individual clients, whether they need one car or an entire fleet. With 60 years of experience, we are a trusted partner.

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