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Arrow downWhat is the Network Fleet Card (NFC)?

Arrow downWhat is the Fleet Fuel Card (FFC)?

Arrow downIs there an international version of the FFC?

Arrow downUntil when can I use my NFC to refuel my vehicle at Total petrol stations?

Arrow downWhere can I use my NFC to refuel my vehicle from 1 January 2019?

Arrow downDo I have to replace my current NFC?

Arrow downAre there more (financial) advantages to the FFC?

Arrow downWho can give me advice about which card is the most appropriate for me?

Arrow downDoes LeasePlan offer the FFC?

Arrow downCan I order an FFC already?

Arrow downHow large is the FFC network?

Arrow downHow large is the current NFC network and how will that change from 1 January 2019?

The NFC network is made up of Esso, Shell, Total and Q8 petrol stations until the end of 2018. It currently includes more than 1400 petrol stations nationwide.
From 1 January 2019 the NFC network will be made up of Esso, Shell, Q8, DATS24 and Lukoil petrol stations. This will include more than 1500 petrol stations nationwide.

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Arrow downCan I use my fuel card for my replacement car?