Which options are better ignored?

The current crop of cars offers a huge range of options: from safety systems to heated – or even cooled – seats. Convenient, right? Yes, most options are indeed convenient, but there are a number that you would be better off ignoring when choosing your next company car.

July 18, 2018

Automatically opening, foot-operated boot

Anyone who has stood in front of a closed boot with their hands full of luggage has made this wish before: why can’t it just open automatically? Manufacturers have come up with a solution. Just wave one foot under the rear bumper of your car and the boot lid will open as if by magic. But for safety reasons – imagine it opening at the wrong moment – you have to do this twice. But it's not really that easy to do this fully loaded and wobbling on one foot.


Operated by gestures

Premium brands love to play this game, and it does look really futuristic. Minority Report-like hand gestures ordering your car to be a little quieter or to activate the blinds of the panoramic roof when it's getting too hot in the car. But let's be honest here: pressing a button is just as fast, if not faster. Leave all that gesticulation to people of other nationalities!


Flattened sports steering wheel

Okay, we get it: a flattened sports steering wheel looks really cool, transforming your car into a race machine. On the inside, that is. This trick obviously doesn’t actually change your car's performance one iota. What's more: if you want to use a correct steering technique and have to move your hands while taking a bend, such a fancy steering wheel is actually rather irritating…


Integration of Facebook and Twitter

We understand: as of 2018, being connected is no longer the exception but the rule. But let's be the exception that proves the rule: while in the car, the less distraction the better. That your smartphone is integrated with your vehicle is of course really convenient for listening to music or using your navigation app. But let's not go over the top: just forget about putting that Facebook and Twitter app on your infotainment screen. Eyes on the road, that's our motto!

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