Throwback Tuesday : Opening CarNext Aartselaar !

The very first LeasePlan CarNext delivery store in Belgium opened its doors officially on 24 March – exactly one month ago. It can be regarded as a kind of end-of-contract car supermarket. This delivery store is a "physical" extension of the digital experience already being provided by LeasePlan.

April 24, 2018

What are you going to do when your company vehicle needs to be replaced? Usually you go online in order to put together the vehicle of your choice. This course of action is the order of the day for private individuals who are looking for a new car. Just like clothes and shoes, more and more vehicles are being purchased online.

LeasePlan is riding this trend with the online sale of end-of-contract vehicles to private individuals. Have a look at if you are interested. "We sell about 250,000 vehicles annually in Europe, 15,000 of these in Belgium", says Johan Portier, Managing Director of LeasePlan Belux. "Since launching, our sale of second-hand vehicles to private individuals has risen by 7 to 15% in Europe."

Ensuring physical contact The leasing company is however also very conscious of the importance of physical contact with the clients. The digital environment has been extended with a kind of supermarket in which the clients can discover the vehicles "first-hand".

The first remarketing delivery store in the Belux, where company vehicles get a second life, was opened recently along the A12 in Aartselaar. The initiative will soon be copied, because LeasePlan Corporation wants to open about 50 similar delivery stores in Europe by the end of this year. "We provide end-of-contract vehicles from LeasePlan Belgium and Luxembourg. It is the first step in our 'Any car, anytime, anywhere' strategy. After Private Lease, this is an additional démarche in order to attract private individuals."

Offer is top quality The roughly 300 vehicles in Aartselaar can also be viewed online. "Potential buyers can look for a vehicle which fulfils their criteria on in this way. They can then block it for a few days, which will give them time to come and discover the vehicle physically. We are completely transparent and inform the clients about the whole history of the vehicle. The prices stated are fixed, without surprises... If the vehicle ultimately does not meet expectations, the client can return it within 14 days, for a full refund! We also provide a 12-month guarantee on motor and parts. So, we are justified in talking of a top-quality offer."

The vehicles for sale on, have been selected carefully one by one and 43 items have been checked for each one. "They are relatively young and well-maintained vehicles (generally two to four years old), with a mileage below the average."

If you, or someone you know, are looking for a good-quality second-hand vehicle, do not hesitate to visit and/or just drop by the brand-new car delivery store in Aartselaar. A team of five specialized salespeople will be happy to guide you in your quest for the vehicle which suits you best! **

CarNext and Private Lease** The online LeasePlan Private Lease offer will soon take on even bigger dimensions thanks to "LeasePlan UK is working hard on a new pilot project: Private Lease of end-of-contract vehicles through the delivery store. We are waiting for the results in order to perhaps roll it out to the Belgian-Luxembourg market."

At the moment, some new top-quality vehicles are more or less eligible for a Private Lease. "These top-quality vehicles have an even better chance of finding a client on the second-hand market. It is the ideal opportunity to make these vehicles more accessible to a larger target group." At a later stage LeasePlan will have two prices, the first one with the purchase amount of the vehicle, and another one with the monthly rental price via Private Lease.

CarNext Delivery Store Boomsesteenweg 42 2630 Aartselaar

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