One LeasePlan: the strength of a global group!

Over the next five years, the car industry will change more drastically than in the last decades. LeasePlan is determined to take full advantage of this trend. This is the reason for our new strategy, One LeasePlan.

June 25, 2017

“With One LeasePlan, we are combining more then 50 years of experience in over 30 countries in order to arm ourselves for the future by integrating ‘best practices’ on a large scale for the entire group”, declares Johan Portier, Managing Director of LeasePlan Belgium and Luxemburg. “As a country you just don’t have the power, the range you need to confront global trends and new market players and as such to remain relevant for your local market. This is something we have understood very clearly”.

With this strategy, LeasePlan just has one goal in mind: to improve operational efficiency in order to create even more added value for our current and future clients. After all, this is the least you’d expect from a pioneer in the Belgian leasing market with a fleet of more than 50,000 vehicles. A global player that has a portfolio of approximately 1.7 million vehicles.

The first concrete result of this strategy is the recently concluded agreement with Uber, applicable throughout the entire European continent. In this way, entrepreneurs who can only start with a limited start-up capital get the opportunity to become an Uber partner. Uber and LeasePlan are already working together in France, the Netherlands and Portugal. In those countries, hundreds of drivers already have a vehicles leased through LeasePlan. The cooperation has also begun in Belgium and the first cars will be delivered in the coming weeks.

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