July 25, 2018

LeasePlan Driver Sales

a second career for your lease car

Are you so fond of your lease car that you'd really like to keep it? Or are your friends or family looking for an affordable and reliable second-hand car? Then Driver Sales may well be the solution for you!

At LeasePlan, you have the option to buy your end-of-contract car, both for yourself as a second car or for your family or friends. What does this procedure look like? Well, when your lease contract expires, you will receive an email from LeasePlan with the question as to whether you want to buy your lease car, as well as a link to an internet page.

You can then look through all this info in your own time and check the conditions. Are you eligible? Then complete the form at the bottom of the page. Within a few days, you will receive a quotation from LeasePlan in your mailbox. And one thing you'll notice straight away: you can buy your lease car at a very attractive price.

Via Drive Sales you may buy your lease car, with all its familiar peculiarities, at a very good price

A whole host of benefits In addition to the fantastic price, buying your lease car brings with it a whole host of other benefits. After all, you're buying a car whose drivers are very familiar to you, and of course you also know the state of the vehicle and its peculiarities. And the same goes for any damage and its repair schedule.

What's more, you know for sure that the car has been maintained by certified dealers, and you can be assured of a year's warranty. You may even extend this to two years as an optional extra! Not enough arguments to convince you? What about the following: if you buy your lease car, any end-of-contract losses will not be charged to you.

And just one more detail you need to remember: your car may not have more than 180,000 km on the odometer at the point of purchase. If that is indeed the case, then the car is no longer available for private purchase, and it may only be sold to a VAT-registered company. Invoicing is only possible to a European address.

Recap: All benefits at a glance

  1. The price you pay is even lower than if you buy your car through CarNext.
  2. You’re the person who knows the features and benefits of your own lease car best.
  3. You know if there is any damage.
  4. You know that the car has always been serviced by authorised dealers.
  5. You benefit from a 1-year warranty (option of 2 years).
  6. Possible dammage at the end of your lease contract won't be charged.
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