No holiday for your car?

The car is the most popular means for transporting you to your holiday destination (read: your well-earned rest). Your car doesn't get any rest, however, especially if you've driven it over a long distance. You really should check these five points before setting off!

July 13, 2018

Check your boarding documents You need your registration card, the certificate of conformity, the green insurance card (valid in the country of destination and the countries you transit) and the European accident report form. If you are towing a boat or caravan, you must report this to us in good time. We can then provide you in advance with a temporary extension to your insurance cover. As a precaution, take your spare key with you, as many electronic functions are controlled by the code in your key these days.

Check your oil level Your car uses more oil over long journeys, so check the oil every 1,000 km to help prevent engine trouble. And don’t forget to have a LeasePlan-recognised garage carry out preventive checks!

Check your tyres Check the depth of the tyre tread (at least 1.6 mm over the full contact surface) before departing. Also check tyre pressure, including that of the spare wheel. The usual pressure setting is not adequate when you're loaded up with baggage.

LeasePlan Assistance in your pocket? In case of a breakdown or an accident, contact LeasePlan Driver Services (+32 78 150 600 or +32 2 722 60 00). Never take it upon yourself to cover any costs for repairing or transporting your car before getting approval from LeasePlan, as you then run the risk of not being compensated.

Avoid taking too much luggage Your car's braking distance is longer when it is loaded. And the danger is even greater if your car isn't just heavily loaded, but also has a roof box. Do not overload the car with heavy, unnecessary objects. Spread the baggage evenly throughout the car. Place the heaviest objects over the axles where possible. Don’t leave baggage unsecured. Also remember that placing bicycles on the roof will easily increase your fuel consumption by 25% at 120 km/h.

LeasePlan wishes you a pleasant and safe holiday! And especially don't forget to take frequent breaks! For further information, you may always call LeasePlan Driver Services directly on +32 78 150 600 or +32 2 722 60 00.

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