LeasePlan Private Lease and CarNext: carefree mobility for those without a company car

November 27, 2018

You are fortunate to have your company car, but that probably does not apply to everyone around you. However, there is room for them in the Great LeasePlan family, too. In addition to its traditional company cars, LeasePlan offers a number of other mobility solutions.

You are fortunate to have your company car, but that probably does not apply to everyone around you. However, there is room for them in the Great LeasePlan family, too. In addition to its traditional company cars, LeasePlan offers a number of other mobility solutions.

“Any car, anytime, anywhere” is LeasePlan’s slogan for a reason and as a leasing company, it has proved to be a reliable fleet partner for a great many companies. LeasePlan also has a few services for private individuals, such as private leasing, and offers recent, second-hand company cars for sale.

Private Lease

LeasePlan Private Lease is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a second family car or for your son’s or daughter’s first car. For a fixed monthly fee, you can lease a brand-new car at a competitive price. This means you will no longer have to sacrifice your hard-earned savings on a car that will depreciate quickly. Once the contract expires, you simply return the car. Because the contract includes civil liability, risk retention and legal aid, VAT & road tax, maintenance, repairs, tyres, European breakdown assistance and financing costs, you might well consider this service to be as complete as it is carefree. All you have to pay for yourself are your fuel and fines. . LeasePlan is capable of offering such low prices because, as the market leader, it can negotiate great volume discounts on cars, all options and all services. The result? Maximal driving pleasure for a minimal price!

Electrified portfolio

The range offered by the LeasePlan Private Lease department always consists of the most popular models on the market with sound, standard features. This means we don’t just take a smart approach to buying our cars from the brands, but can also get them to you quicker. We can help you save both time and money.

Because the range of available cars is subject to constant change, LeasePlan cannot show every car in this magazine. However, we would like to highlight one in particular: the Nissan Leaf, which is available in the Visia and N-Connecta models. Electric city cars are perfect for LeasePlan’s plans for the future: a completely zero-emission fleet by 2030. In addition, you can still make use of the increased subsidies offered for privately leased electric cars in Flanders. If, for example, you decide to lease a Nissan LEAF N-Connecta, the government will pay you back the equivalent of 7 months of the leasing fee.

How to apply

The entire application process takes place online and only takes a few steps, including submitting your expected number of kilometers (10,000-30,000). The standard duration is 60 months. All you have to do is sign up on our private lease website and the LeasePlan Private Lease will guide you through the various steps. Did you know that over 70% of our customers order their car from their smartphone?


You could also use CarNext, of course, LeasePlan’s online platform for used cars. CarNext is our next step towards making ‘any car, anytime, anywhere’ come true. If you prefer second-hand cars, CarNext is an ideal solution that enables you to buy or lease used cars for a very sharp price. In the case of the latter, we’ll guarantee a generous 12- or 24-month lease contract, including maintenance, tyres and breakdown assistance at an attractive price. Besides, you can always visit our showroom to have a good look at your future car first!

All cars on come from LeasePlan customers who subscribed to LeasePlan’s Car-as-a-Service offering and have been carefully checked and serviced during their lifetime. This means that the cars are all between 3 and 4 years old, that they are equipped with the latest safety systems, that they comply with current environmental standards and that their previous owners are known. In addition, each car comes with a service book and a 12-month warranty on parts and the engine. This approach greatly reduces the typical risks associated with purchasing a second-hand car, allowing you to take to the road carefree. And if you’re not satisfied, you can request your money back up to 14 days after your purchase without having to specify a reason why.

How to buy offers a unique customer journey experience. First of all, potential buyers can select the cars they are interested in on the website. Afterwards, they can come to Aartselaar to inspect these cars and take them on a test drive. The LeasePlan sales point in Aartselaar, which was opened in the spring of this year, is fully equipped and can accommodate up to 275 cars. 

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