Drive hassle-free into Belgian LEZ

October 24, 2018

Number plate recognition

More and more European cities have a LEZ (Low Emission Zone) where certain – mostly outdated – petrol and diesel vehicles are not welcome because they release too many pollutants. In so doing, the cities want to improve the air quality, for the sake of the environment and our health!

In Belgium, Antwerp and Brussels already have a LEZ and soon Ghent and Mechelen will follow suit. Number plate recognition is used to check the type of vehicle and emissions level on the registration certificate.

Inform your foreign guests
Since number plate recognition can only apply to Belgian vehicles, drivers coming from another country must register in advance on the website of the city they want to visit. You should therefore inform your foreign guests in good time.

There is one exception, however: in Antwerp, Dutch number plates can be automatically checked. This means that drivers from the Netherlands do not need to register separately.

To register his or her vehicle, the driver needs to answer a few simple questions and have the car’s registration certificate and certificate of conformity, as well as his or her ID at hand. Quick and easy!

Other ways to access a LEZ?
With a relatively short lifespan (on average 4 to 5 years), most company vehicles now meet the LEZ admission requirements. But if your car does not meet the emissions requirements and you are therefore not allowed to enter the LEZ, you can always opt for a park and ride solution. Just park in one of the facilities at the city’s periphery and take public transport to travel to your destination. Alternatively, you can purchase a day pass which allows you to enter the LEZ temporarily.

Check if your car is allowed into the LEZ

The admission requirements and emission standards are not the same in every city. For key information about each LEZ, please click on the relevant link:

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