Tesla Model X

In a word? ‘unconventional’

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Unconventional capability

Tesla has unveiled its newly refreshed Model X electric SUV. A unique car in today’s market, the Tesla Model X is distinctive on the outside, minimalist on the inside, and innovative underneath. With ‘falcon wing’ rear doors, space for seven, and incredible acceleration, this all-electric three-row crossover earns high marks for space, efficiency, and performance overall. The Model X also scores bonus points for its Autopilot self-driving function and claimed 580 km range. With the most storage space and towing capacity of any electric SUV, the Model X also delivers maximum utility. Paired with updated battery architecture, both Long Range and Plaid powertrains deliver instant torque at any speed.


Unconventional luxury

Unusually-styled and digitally outfitted, the Tesla Model X 2021 electric crossover makes conventional SUVs feel fairly analogue by comparison. Inside, the refreshed Tesla Model X sports a radical new-looking interior. Gone is the old school steering wheel, and the out-dated, vertically-oriented touchscreen has been replaced, too. Instead, you’ll feel more like you’re flying an aircraft with the newly designed "stalkless steering yoke" and tiltable 17-inch cinematic display that ‘houses’ the driving controls. There's also a new, separate 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen for passengers in the backseat. The X can also “guess” drive direction based on context, nav map, and obstacles.


Unconventional performance

Tesla’s long-awaited Plaid powertrain is "beyond ludicrous" and gives the refreshed Model X the capacity to sprint from 0-100 km in 2.5 sec in Ludicrous Mode—the quickest acceleration of any SUV. Both platforms unite innovative powertrain and battery technologies, so, whether you choose Long Range or Plaid, you’ll get unrivalled performance, range and efficiency. In the Model X, you can travel farther on a single charge than any other electric SUV. And, with access to Tesla’s 20,000+ Superchargers globally, who knows how far you will go. Plus, every Model X comes with Tesla’s latest active safety features, such as Automatic Emergency Braking, standard.

Tesla Model X specifications

Electric Range
Long Range - 580 km
Plaid - 550 km
Long Range - 0 - 100 k/h 3.8 sec
Plaid - 0 - 100 m/h 2.5 sec
Long Range - dual motor/all-wheel drive
Plaid - tri-motor/ all-wheel drive
Top Speed
Long Range - 250 kph
Plaid - 262 kph

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