Car review – Skoda Superb Combi iV

Good, better, fiscally best ...

As a plug-in model, the Skoda Superb Combi does everything the diesel and petrol versions do, with an extremely appealing tax status to boot.


Technologically identical

The plug-in version of the Superb uses the technology of the VW Passat GTE, carrying over the 1.4 TSI with an output of 156hp and 250Nm as well as the 115hp and 330Nm electric motor. The combined power of both power sources amounts to 218hp and 400Nm.

The 13-kWh lithium-ion battery under the rear seats is also identical. It can be charged in 3.5 hours on a 3.6-kW wallbox and in about five hours at a standard socket. Skoda promises 55 kilometres of driving range (WLTP), we managed a bit over 40 kilometres.


Smooth and economical

If you floor the accelerator, you will be treated to very smooth accelerations. The powertrain handles fast overtaking manoeuvres swiftly and enables the Superb iV to reach 100km/h in 7.8 seconds.

Still, this is no sports car. It weighs 340kg more than the 2.0 TDI, meaning it prefers a relaxed driving style, allowing you to enjoy the smooth drive and the good six-speed DSG automatic transmission much more. Especially in electric mode, it is also remarkably quiet.


Space as an asset

Comfort is assured thanks to the standard Dynamic Chassis Control featuring adaptive dampers. The difference between Normal and Comfort modes is unnoticeable, but the Sport setting is clearly different. The soft shock absorption can translate into bouncing when you drive over a speed bump. The brake pedal takes some getting used to as well.

The absolute trump card of the Superb is and remains its unsurpassed interior space. No other car gives you so much space in the back. The boot is also very spacious, even on this iV version which loses 150 litres to the battery. Nevertheless, there are still 510 to 1,800 litres available and the load lip is low.

Equipment and finish

Skodas are full of useful details and that is also the case in this car. In addition, it has loads of equipment options, including a wireless Apple CarPlay connection and a smart infotainment system. The ergonomics do require some getting used to. The finish is flawless and the materials are of good quality.

In addition to its very low emissions and the resulting favourable taxation, this company car par excellence offers a remarkable amount of interior space and comfort, good quality finish, decent performance and potentially very low consumption.

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    + Solid performance, low consumption

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    + Comfort and equipment

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    + Interior space

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    - Inconsistent brake pedal - Infotainment ergonomics