Car review – Mercedes-Benz EQA 250

A star-reaching electric crossover

The little brother of the EQC is aiming for the heart of the fleet market: that of premium compact crossovers. As such, it has an important electrification role to play.



Just as the EQC was derived from the GLC, the EQA is a derivative of the GLA, and that's a good thing. Mercedes' smallest crossover has many qualities indeed. The EQA is 4,463mm long and rests on a 2,729mm wheelbase. Its boot holds 340 litres, which means the battery pack eats away 95 litres from the GLA's 435 litres.

With the rear seats folded down 1,320 litres of cargo volume is available. This makes the EQA usable on a daily basis, but a weekend trip with the family requires some Tetris skills.


Star quality

As soon as you start driving the EQA 250, it pampers you with exceptional on-board silence and the feeling of being in a safe, high-tech cocoon. Mercedes-Benz has clearly chosen a different path from VW, which has focused on lightweighting its ID models, at the expense of perceived quality.

The clever digital MBUX system forms the interface for the infotainment and navigation, which in this case has "Electric Intelligence". It calculates the quickest route and, based on ongoing simulations, plans charging stops as necessary, also taking into account topography, weather conditions, traffic and the driver's driving style.


Modest but thirsty

We switch on the Sport-mode and brace ourselves for the acceleration. In vain. The first impression is that some of the horses are still in their stables, because with 190hp you would expect some jitters in your stomach. The technical data sheet shows that it takes 8.9 seconds to reach 100km/h from standstill.

The Star brand claims a WLTP power consumption of 17.7kWh/100 km, which corresponds to a driving range of 426 kilometres. Our test took place at temperatures varying between 1 and 8 degrees. That partly - but not entirely - explains why we ended up with an average of 24. 2kWh/100 km and only managed 275 km with the 66.5 kWh battery fully charged.

Star price

Mercedes-Benz’ asking price for the EQA is just shy of fifty thousand euros (incl. VAT). The standard equipment is certainly not meagre but count on an extra 10k if you want to dress it up. This makes it a rival to the (much more powerful) Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge and the (larger and cheaper) Audi Q4 e-tron.

For this budget you get a nicely finished crossover with market-level charging capabilities. It can handle three-phase AC power at 11kW, so you have to wait 5 hours and 45 minutes to fill the battery from completely empty to completely full. Direct current can flow in at 100kW, so half an hour at a fast charger will boost the charge status from 10 to 80 percent.

The EQA 250 does not quite live up to expectations in terms of efficiency and performance. Apart from that, this is a smooth, but not fast crossover that offers all the qualities you would expect from the Star.

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    + Mercedes quality

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    + Intelligent navigation

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    + Clever MBUX infotainment

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    -Moderate performance -Mediocre efficiency -Fairly small boot