Car review – Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+

The S Class of BEVs

The Mercedes EQS is the quietest, most advanced, and most agile electric limousine in the world. If this piece of hi-tech doesn't convince the most persistent petrolheads, no electric car will.


Better than Tesla

One of the development goals in Stuttgart was definitely to outperform the Tesla Model S, although at Daimler they don't think you can compare it to this car. After all, at Mercedes everything revolves around quality, service, and well-being.

The platform of the EQS was specifically developed so that the battery pack could be optimally integrated. Incidentally, it exists in only one length, unlike the S-Class. Its exterior dimensions are surprisingly close to those of the short S-Class, but its interior length is similar to that of the long version.


Efficiency first

At the front, the EQS can still be recognised as a Mercedes, but in profile the 'one-bow' design confuses even connoisseurs. The huge roof slopes steadily backwards and includes an elongated rear window, which is contained in the gigantic boot lid. Indeed, this is a five-door car - one with a 610-litre boot at that.

Never has the shape of a Mercedes been so determined by aerodynamics as with the EQS. The result is a Cd of 0.20, the best value ever for a production car. Wind noise is almost imperceptible, as is roll noise. As soon as you start driving it, it's like having Bose noise-cancelling headphones on your ears.


Hyperscreen: a must-have

Although the platform is bespoke, in the interior there are quite a few components that can also found in the S-Class. That's certainly no criticism, because the materials and the seating elevate the well-being of the occupants to a very high level. However, we would have expected a deeper eco approach from Mercedes…

The standard MBUX does not disappoint, but it pales next to the optional Hyperscreen. This is the nec plus ultra of automotive infotainment. The huge concave screen of pure glass stretches across the entire dashboard. Not only does it look good, it is also pleasant and intuitive to use.

The Mercedes engineers have done their homework very thoroughly and deliver a car that sets new standards in many areas. Moreover, it is not more expensive than the S-Class.

Imagin side
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    + Next-level electric driving

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    + Surprisingly quiet and economic

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    + Mind-blowing Hyperscreen

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    -No real eco-approach -Heavy car