8 things you can do while your electric car is publicly charging

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The battery life of electric vehicles (EV) has significantly improved over the past years, but now and then you still need to stop at a charging station. If you have a charger at home, you can of course recharge while you are sleeping or watching TV. But what can you do while your car is connected to a public charging station? We give you some inspiration to make the most of your charging time.
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How long you have to wait depends primarily on the type of charging station you use. Near highways, for example, you can find fast chargers that restore 80% of your battery’s capacity in just 30 minutes. Of course, most public charging station need a little bit long than that.

In any case, the charging time is the perfect moment to relax or do something useful. There are plenty of things we never get done due to our busy daily schedules. Or how electric vehicles can also help us to better spend our time. Here are a few ideas:

1. Do some shopping

The location of a charging station often makes your activity somewhat obvious. More and more supermarkets install charging facilities for their customers. This way you can do the groceries while your car is charging. Of course you can also shop elsewhere for as long as your car is plugged in. Be careful though, because excessive use of this tip could have a negative impact on your bank account.

2. Watch Netflix

Netflix & charge! There are so many series on Netflix and other streaming services these days that we can barely keep up. Fortunately, you can watch them from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. So why not watch a nice series while your car is charging? There is not enough time to binge-watch the entire series, but one episode is often ideal before you continue your journey.

3. Go to the movies

Instead of watching Netflix, you can also go the cinema to see a good movie. Especially if there are charging stations in the parking lot of the movie theatre, you simply plug in your car while you watch the latest blockbuster with a delicious pack of popcorn.

4. Catch up on work

Just like on a train, you can kill the charging time by switching on your laptop and working. This may sound a lot less attractive than our other suggestions, but you would be surprised how much you get done when you can work in peace in your car or at a roadside stop. No colleagues who disturb you all the time, no distractions … Sounds great, right?

5. Take a walk

Walking has become the national sport since the pandemic. Now that we are driving our car more often again, this good habit does not have to stop. Plan a walk near a charging station or simply explore the area. Perhaps there is a parc or a beautiful nature reserve nearby. And after a good walk, your own physical battery will also be recharged.

6. Work out

If you do not like walking, there are of course other sporting activities to choose from. Some fitness centers now have charging stations, so this is the perfect moment to get a subscription and finally put that annual good resolution from January into practice. And if you are completely empty after all that exercise, at least you car will one again have a full battery to drive home.

7. Read a book

Some people devour dozens of books each year, others just cannot seem to find the time. It does not matter to which category you belong, make it a habit to put a good book in the trunk of your car. That way you always have something to read while your car is charging.

8. Enjoy a drink

On a sunny day, the choice is easy. Just leave your car at the charging station and choose a nice terrace. If you know in advance that you need to charge, you can also meet up with a friend and make up for lost time. And enjoy a soft drink or a non-alcoholic cocktail, because do not forget you still have to drive.

Found inspiration? No matter how fun your charging activity is, do not occupy the station longer than necessary. The number of public charging points is still limited, so always be courteous and move your car as soon as the battery is sufficiently charged. To encourage this new charging habit, LeasePlan has launched the Happy Charger community. Visit our web page to become a member and get your own charging station disk to let others know when a charging station will be free.

Published at September 10, 2021
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September 10, 2021
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