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The way forward: how LeasePlan is further charging in 2023 for a clean future

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Over the past year, LeasePlan shifted up a gear when it comes to sustainable mobility. From fixed-rate charging packages to the flexible reimbursement of charging sessions to stronger partnerships with suppliers, more than ever LeasePlan invested in targeted solutions to smoothly make the transition to an electric fleet as a company. So, what exactly has been achieved? And what is still to come? High time to look back and look ahead. We asked Pieter Waegenaer, commercial director and sponsor of the EV project.
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Ticked off in 2022

The optimal charging infrastructure in just a few clicks Are you considering switching to electric driving? Then nothing is more convenient than charging at home. But which charging infrastructure is best suited for your car and home? And what costs are involved in installation? Via our 'Charging at Home' tool, you can discover your options in just a few clicks. You complete a simple step-by-step questionnaire and get immediate, tailor-made advice.

Wider partner network, greater security of supply These are volatile times. That also affects the supply of charging stations and accessories. Last year, LeasePlan invested heavily in a stable network of suppliers. Today, we work with two fixed partners. This way, we have a continuous stock and the chances of having to wait for your products are minimal.

Automatic synchronization of vehicle and charging infrastructure delivery times Your electric car has been delivered but you are still waiting for your charging infrastructure: unfortunately, it happened all too often until now. Last year, we made great efforts to better synchronize the delivery dates of both. Does your car's delivery date change? Then updates flow directly to the installer, allowing them to keep the period between delivery and installation as short as possible.

Standard packages with fixed tariffs Anyone leasing an electric car wants a suitable charging solution to go with it. The key question: what exactly does such a charging installation entail and what are the costs? At LeasePlan you can choose from various fixed-rate charging packages. This covers all common standard installation costs. We don't mind one metre of cable more or less. If a purely customized solution is required, this can be calculated for you separately before deciding.

Clear provisions based on real electricity prices At LeasePlan, you pay a monthly provision on your charging sessions. We then settle the actual costs on a quarterly basis, based on actual consumption and electricity prices during that period. At the start of your contract, you get a clear projection of the costs based on the current parameters. You can control the costs yourself and you will see this immediately when settling each quarter. For example, if you charge along the motorway, your expenses go up quickly. If you opt for a charging session at the office, your energy costs will make the reverse movement.

Monitor your charging sessions and recover charging costs Since July 2022, you can have the Reimbursement and Connectivity service included in your contract via a monthly subscription. You get access to your charge point operator's online drivers platform, can monitor all your charging sessions and even request technical support remotely. Moreover, it is possible to record your home charging sessions and thus recover your charging costs at the established Creg rate.

In the pipeline for 2023

More clarity around ownership and transfer rights Much remains to be done around the ownership of charging infrastructure. Legislation on the subject is particularly complex. There should be more transparency and clarity on this in 2023. In a nutshell: as long as you drive around with one of our cars, LeasePlan remains the owner of the charging infrastructure. If you stop driving the car for which the charging solution is provided, full ownership of your home charging point is automatically transferred to you, unless you indicate otherwise in writing yourself.

From Charging at Home to Ready to Charge tool Are you as a driver switching to electric driving? Then it is important to think about the charging infrastructure beforehand. As indicated above, last year we launched the Charging at Home tool: via a handful of online questions, you discover for yourself which charging solution best suits your car, home and needs. Yet it can be even more specific. What does your home situation look like? What is your home's electricity infrastructure like? How fast can you charge? The system is currently being further expanded and optimized in the form of the Ready to Charge tool. Based on various parameters, your company will receive a tailor-made offer perfectly suited to the specific driver situation.

Capacity tariff solutions Since 1 January 2023, our country introduced the capacity tariff for electricity: the more you load the network, the more you pay for your energy distribution. This also has a big impact on your electric car's charging sessions. A charging station demands a lot of power over a long period of time, so your peak consumption rises quickly. It is precisely that peak consumption that drives up your energy bill. Smart use of your installation and spreading your sessions is the message. LeasePlan wants to actively support this change of behavior. In the first place by providing targeted information and advice via training courses and communication materials. Additionally, by offering technical solutions. Many charging stations are equipped with intelligent technology such as delayed charging, charging at an adjusted speed or via changing time schedules. Some charging stations are even built in such a way that they stop at consumption peaks and only start up again afterwards. In short: LeasePlan points you in the right direction to cleverly circumvent the capacity charge.

From up-to-date expertise to technological innovations and operational improvements LeasePlan continues to expand and optimize its expertise and services. Last year, we set up the Knowledge Hub EV, a knowledge center built integrally around sustainable mobility. The people who work there are constantly trained and educated, along with what is moving on the market. Today, an entire ecosystem has been created that integrates know-how on all aspects of the EV landscape. Not only do we think about technical solutions and operational improvements such as a smoother first-line service and more stable reimbursements. We also want to be a point of contact and interlocutor for our customers and drivers, so you can ask the right questions and get the right information as early as possible in the leasing process. In the near future, we will provide even more training and knowledge transfer.

Communication is key and our website also plays an important role in this. It is perhaps the most complete online platform there is about electric driving. Our blog posts and FAQ give you answers to almost all your questions.

Published at January 25, 2023
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January 25, 2023
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