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LeasePlan helps Sweco achieve ambitious targets with electric fleet

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Europe's leading engineering and consultancy firm Sweco has been a customer of LeasePlan for many years. The engineering firm thinks about the sustainable cities and buildings of the future, and so Sweco also sets its own climate targets. Sweco wants Belgium to be completely climate neutral by 2030, and that includes electric cars.
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Full EV fleet

Sustainability, climate and vision for the future is in Sweco's DNA. Every day, engineers design the infrastructure of the future. Sweco also works on mobility on a daily basis. The company set up a sustainable mobility strategy in which LeasePlan plays an important role as a partner.

In 2018, Sweco put extra pressure on the direction of electrification of its fleet. "We want to be a frontrunner in terms of sustainable mobility," explains Vicky De Bollen, CFO of Sweco Belgium. "Initially, we were quick to focus on working from home. That has a positive impact on mobility and the environment anyway. If you do have to travel, we encourage you to use public transport. This is possible because most of our offices are centrally located. Do you use a company car? Then it is best to use an electric one. By offering that total combination, we create positive and sustainable mobility."

Management decided in 2018 that an electric company car would be offered in each category. As LeasePlan was early to commit to an electric fleet and is a pioneer for electric driving in Belgium, Sweco partnered with them to electrify the fleet. Diesel cars immediately disappeared from the offer. After six months, the entire management switched to EVs.

"Within the management segment, we could already use electric cars with a comfortable range," says Vicky De Bollen. "In the meantime, this applies to every category: the range has generally grown. So from now on, every new company car is an EV. The use of ICE engines within the fleet is phasing out. By 2025, all of Sweco's vehicles will be fully electric. We are also very pleased with the great range of EV cars that LeasePlan has made available to us."

Ambassadors tell sustainable story

To convince employees of the sustainability story, Sweco and LeasePlan devised an adoption strategy. Early adopters within the company acted as ambassadors to convince their colleagues of electric driving. And by getting the management to switch to electric driving earlier, they set a good example.

"When even the CEO of the company drives an electric car, you show that these cars meet the highest standards. You also show that this decision is not about cost savings, but about conviction," explains Vicky De Bollen. "The fact that LeasePlan can offer an attractive range of EVs in every segment also helps to convince employees to choose an electric car. LeasePlan also supported us with test weekends, during which employees could try out an EV and thereby overcome their cold feet. LeasePlan also provided a lot of help by informing our employees about electric mobility." Meanwhile, Sweco employees are proud of their electric cars. Of the 800 company cars, the company already has 220 EVs. "Our employees work on the cities of tomorrow and are committed to the future. They are therefore proud to do their bit by driving in an environmentally friendly way."

Ambitious future

Sweco wants to use only electric cars by 2025. But the future looks even more sustainable. The international Sweco Group has expressed the ambition to become fully climate-neutral by the year 2040. The Belgian branch is setting an even higher target, aiming for 2030. Numerous initiatives reinforce these plans. Sweco is building Belgium's first smart charging station at its new energy-neutral office in Zelzate. At this unique Vehicle-to-Grid charging station, people can not only come and charge their EVs, but the electric cars can also supply power to the office building.

The electrification of the fleet also takes the company a step closer to its goal. "Our company fleet was the largest source of CO2 emissions, accounting for some 70 to 80 per cent," says Vicky De Bollen. "So the impact of switching to an EV fleet is huge for our targets. And LeasePlan has certainly contributed to that", says Vicky De Bollen.

Do you also want to start with the electric transition of your fleet? Or would you like your next company car to be an EV? Find out everything about electric driving here!

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Published at January 14, 2022
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January 14, 2022
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