Roland tested the new KIA EV6: Nice design and sufficient range

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As winner of the LeasePlan survey on World EV Day, Roland Debuyst got the chance to try out the KIA EV6. He was one of the first people in Belgium to take the wheel of this brand new EV. Roland had never driven a fully electric car before and was eager to take this futuristic crossover for a test drive. Curious about his findings?
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A few days as the driver of the fully electric KIA EV6. For Roland Debuyst, this was an offer he could not refuse. Right away he was impressed by the design of the car. “Although my wife was less enthusiastic, I like the sleek, futuristic look”, says Roland. “The blue color still gives the car a classic look, but I think it looks best in grey.” Roland is also very positive about the interior. “Sleek, modern and above all spacious. This is a perfect electric family car. The boot also has sufficient capacity in my opinion. One minor issue for me is the GPS system: I didn’t find it user-friendly. But that could also be just me, because I’m certainly not a tech-savvy person”, Roland laughs. The KIA EV6 is also equipped with Apple Car Play. This means you are always connected and can use your favorite smartphone apps.

Interesting driving experience

The car’s looks have been approved, so how about its performances? It has definitely made Roland excited about electric driving. “For me, it was a very interesting experience. It was my first time in a fully electric car and I was impressed by the sporty performance. The road handling was a little less satisfactory, because it feels as if the car is bit too light, especially in the front. But again, that could be down to personal preference. I am curious to hear what the experts will say about this.”

Sufficient range

Roland was also very satisfied with the battery’s autonomy. “With a single charge I could drive about 420 kilometers. That’s more than enough. In the end, I charged the car from a normal socket at home, at a public charging point when I was on the road, and while I was at work at the European Parliament. Each time it went pretty well. Besides, I don’t drive that many kilometers in a day, so autonomy is less important to me.”

Nevertheless, Roland is not sure whether he would switch to 100% EV today. Like many drivers, he has doubts about the ease of charging. “Driving electric is fun and comfortable, but I would probably go for a hybrid car first. Also because I live in a flat and installing a wall box is a bit difficult for me”, says Roland. Do you also need a little nudge before switching to an EV? LeasePlan is happy to help you with personal advice, so you can make the right choice.

The verdict

Roland is convinced by the KIA EV6, even though he is not ready to buy a new car. “In my opinion, this KIA is an electric car with an interesting price-quality ratio. It seems like the perfect EV family car. It’s a charming car with a sporty look and it’s nicely finished. In the long run, I can see myself buying this model”, says Roland Debuyst.

Want to discover the KIA EV6 for yourself? Here you find out more about this family-friendly EV.

Published at December 7, 2021
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December 7, 2021
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