Courtesy in traffic? Also when charging!

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There are more and more electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrids driving around on our roads. To give everyone a chance to make use of (public) charging stations, LeasePlan is working on charging etiquette and launching the Happy Charger campaign.
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Why a Happy Charger campaign?

Electric driving is the way to go. Especially for company cars, the government has taken measures to make sure that only emission-free cars will be fiscally attractive from 2026 onwards. In fact, we are at a turning point in the car industry. Negative prejudices are disappearing like snow in the sun: the autonomy of batteries is increasing, charging is faster, and the driving range is very long (in every price category). However, this also means that more people need to look for a charging station. And finding a free public charging station can sometimes lead to frustration. Our Happy Charger campaign therefore focuses on the courtesy of charging.

What does the Happy Charger campaign entail?

Central to this Happy Charger campaign is a handy Happy Charger charging disc. On this you can indicate at what time your car is sufficiently charged and when you can make room for the next driver. Just as with an ordinary parking disc, you place the charging disc on a visible spot behind your windshield. In this way you show that you value the charging courtesy and you also give other electric and hybrid drivers more information about the availability of the charging station.

What we consider to be charging courtesy, we have also summarized in 10 short courtesy tips. You can discover them on our Happy Charger page where you can also request your personal Happy Charger charging disc.

Who is this Happy Charger campaign for?

With this campaign we do not only raise awareness among our own customers who drive an electric or plug-in hybrid car. The Happy Charger campaign is open to any driver who uses a public charging station from time to time. If you do not have a Happy Charger disc, you can request one for freehere.

We also want to extend it more broadly. We are 100% convinced of a transition to zero-emission driving. But just as with other major changes, there are a number of ‘rules’ that everyone should know. The Happy Charger campaign aims to raise awareness about charging station courtesy. We therefore call on everyone in the industry to support this initiative: from manufacturers to importers, garages, other leasing companies, insurance companies, and even (local) governments. And encourage their own customers and partners to put charging courtesy first.

Show that you have charging etiquette, and place the charging disc behind your windshield.

Published at July 12, 2021
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July 12, 2021
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