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Go with the (Confirm) Flow

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At LeasePlan Belgium, our own fleet currently consists of 95% electric cars. With the Confirm Flow, we continue this sustainable line and digitalize the quotation flow for lease cars in one handy interface. The Confirm Flow has been operational for a large number of customers since the beginning of September 2022. We asked them about their findings and guess what... ? The Confirm Flow hits the mark!
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Robbe Baete – Argenta

Argenta already exists as an independent family bank for more than 65 years. They have been a LeasePlan customer for more than five years and switched to the Confirm Flow in February 2023. We asked Robbe Baete (Senior Advisor Payroll) about his findings.

Sector: banking and insurance Fleet: +/- 400 cars

“Since we switched to the Confirm Flow, we have a clear overview of the entire process from A to Z. I am very pleased that they made this digital investment. If an employee has a question, we can look up all the information immediately. Adjustments to the quotations are also easy to implement."

“The Confirm Flow interface offers a user-friendly overview of the quote from A to Z at a glance.”

"However small the advantage may be, the Confirm Flow is a real improvement compared to the past. For example, at Argenta we prefer to opt for a discreet exterior color for our lease cars and we can conveniently set this in the tool. In addition to this small efficiency, there is also a significant time saving when applying for new lease cars. Our employees also like that they can put together their own car.”

Stéphanie Bauwens – DPG Media

As a leading media group, DPG Media reaches all of Flanders with fascinating stories, lightning-fast news and compelling entertainment. Because digitization is very important to DPG, they gladly jumped on the Confirm Flow bandwagon. Stéphanie Bauwens (Fleet & Mobility Expert) was even one of the test subjects of this ingenious tool.

Industry: media and entertainment Fleet: +/- 850 cars

“Because we have a fleet of more than 850 lease cars, it is important to keep a good overview of the quotes. We were therefore very excited when LeasePlan suggested that we test their new Confirm Flow. Everything used to go by e-mail and drivers had to print and sign their budget offer, this can now finally be done digitally."

“The Confirm Flow is one central point where we can consult all the statuses of quotations and orders. This provides a handy overview and a smooth follow-up.”

"The Confirm Flow is very clear and everything is centralized. Thanks to this digitization, nothing is left unnecessarily on the shelf and we can quickly respond to new quotes. For a fleet of our size, the Confirm Flow is a real blessing in terms of time savings and efficiency. ”

Gert Roeckx & Corny Neven – Signify

As a manufacturer of light sources, Signify was formerly known as Philips Lighting Belgium NV. In 2018, they went public and changed their company name to Signify Belgium NV. However, they will continue to use the brand name 'Philips'. In the field of lease cars, they recently saw the light by switching to the Confirm Flow. Gert Roeckx (Country Manager) and Corny Neven (HR Advisor) are happy to explain why they opt for this digitization and for sustainability.

Industry: lighting products Fleet: +/- 120 cars

“Sustainability is part of our genes and we also encourage our customers to save energy. Our company has been CO₂ neutral since 2021 and currently 80% of all new cars drive electrically, which will increase over the years as Signify strongly supports this. Sustainability and digitization go hand in hand. It is therefore important for us to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum, especially as a major player in our industry."

“LeasePlan was very flexible and provided us with a customized Confirm Flow. Some important parameters, which are in line with the values of our company, were set up quickly and easily.”

"The Confirm Flow is just one of the innovations we are using within Signify. In addition to enormous time savings and ease of use, everything is now done digitally. We do not waste paper or needless energy. Moreover, our drivers themselves are in control and have an overview of their request, everything is faster and more streamlined than before.”

Ilse Van De Vijver (Reward Specialist) – Borealis Group

Borealis Group is a producer of various raw materials in the chemical industry. The Belgian locations (Kallo, Antwerp, Beringen and Mechelen) together have 1000 employees. With more than 600 lease cars, Ilse Van De Vijver (Reward Specialist) has her hands full with the follow-up of quotations. But then the Confirm Flow came...

Industry: Chemistry Fleet: +/- 600 cars

“During the six-monthly selection moments, our Fleet mailbox was saturated with requests. The follow-up was time-consuming and many requests were delayed due to a lack of overview. In addition, a lot of research was involved when we had to compare our employees' quotes with those of LeasePlan. In January 2023, we switched to the more efficient Confirm Flow."

“We used to lose a lot of time comparing the employee's quotation with LeasePlan's. With the Confirm Flow everything is more clear and we can trace everything much easier”

"Immediately after logging in, the status of the quotations is already clearly visible. Before I receive them, various checks have already been carried out, including by the employee her-/himself. In the short term, we can approve all requested vehicles in a few clicks. The handy interface ensures also a clear and user-friendly overview. Everything actually explains itself and we save a lot of time."

The user experiences of the Confirm Flow are obvious and the benefits quickly become apparent. The user-friendly interface is clear and all research is done in no-time. No training is required. With the Confirm Flow, LeasePlan's customers are fully committed to efficiency and digitization. Paper quotes and a long and slow process are over for good. The Confirm Flow follows the right flow and more and more companies are opting for this digital solution. Are you convinced as well?

Published at April 19, 2023
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April 19, 2023
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