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Biggest delivery of Polestar 2 cars in the Benelux

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Ten years ago, LeasePlan Belgium was the first leasing company in Belgium to include an electric car in its range. That was a statement in itself, but it was just the start of a far bigger strategic green mobility plan. By acquiring 30 Polestar 2 cars for its own fleet – the biggest delivery in the Benelux to date – LeasePlan is living up to its promises more than ever before.
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LeasePlan ambassador of its ambitious objectives

The announcement in 2017 did cause some frowns here and there, even internally, Johan Portier, LeasePlan's Managing Director, admits.

"It is true that there was some initial scepticism, even internally. But the world needs to halve its car CO2 emissions by 2030, and reduce them to zero by 2050. As a service provider in the mobility sector, we want to remain socially relevant and sustainable in the future, so we have to set ambitious targets. This requires courage and vision. And as more and more electric models hit the market, we can really see this vision taking shape. The range for our customers will be completely emission-free by 2030. LeasePlan already offers more than 100 different configurations of fully electric cars. Today, we are making the Polestar 2 available to 30 of our own employees, which is a cause for celebration."

Employees own choices

The delivery of the Polestar 2 cars to our own staff is certainly part of this vision. LeasePlan is well on track: more than 60% of the company's own vehicle fleet will be electric after this delivery, and 30 employees have chosen to drive a Polestar 2 for the next few years. Johan Portier: "They chose this car without taking a test drive, so they truly believe in it. Some employees were entitled to a bigger company car because of their position, but they specifically opted for this model. LeasePlan wants to evolve towards truly sustainable mobility in a rapidly changing society. We have chosen Polestar as one of our partners because it has the same intrinsic motivation and pursues the same end goal."


"We are delighted that Polestar is part of this momentum. This order of 30 Polestar 2 cars for LeasePlan's own staff confirms its commitment to green mobility and the reform of the Belgian fleet. Polestar is not only a good option for early adopters of electric vehicles who are already convinced, but it also offers a fully-fledged alternative to the conventional (company) cars driven in Belgium. LeasePlan is an ideal partner in that respect", Lies Eeckman, Managing Director of Polestar Belgium, says.

Polestar wants to reform Belgium's mobility together with the country's companies and consumers. "This is not just limited to electric vehicles. It also affects the retail process, alternatives to buying and owning cars, and the technology and materials used in our cars. For example, we use vegan materials for the Polestar 2's interior, because they generate far less CO2 emissions. We are also the only brand that makes the cobalt used in our batteries globally traceable using blockchain technology. This ensures that this valuable material is sourced in a sustainable and ethical way", Lies Eeckman adds.

"This shared sustainability vision makes Polestar the perfect partner for us", Johan Portier says. "We also see ourselves as a catalyst that will ultimately introduce private customers to electric mobility with second-hand cars. Electric cars are far less susceptible to wear and tear than internal combustion engines. The reason why we are not using a longer term for EV lease contracts is that we can then make this environmentally-friendly technology accessible and affordable for the general public."


LeasePlan can give its customers better guidance on the transition to zero-emission vehicles because its own employees are also switching to electric vehicles in the short term. Johan Portier: "We can share our own experience. We know what the benefits are, but we also know the obstacles that companies may experience: sufficient charging points, how to pay for charging, solutions for holiday trips and so on. We look at an end-to-end solution that pays attention to the charging process – both in the office and at home – and optimal use of the battery, for example as extra storage capacity for the energy production of solar panels. In this context, the Polestars we are welcoming to our fleet today are a milestone for us. More than ever, we are becoming true ambassadors who share real experiences with our customers rather than just sales talk."

Are you ready to start the electrical transition of your fleet? Or are you thinking about choosing an EV as your next company car? Discover everything about electric driving here!

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Published at September 24, 2020
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September 24, 2020
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