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100,000 kilometres with Polestar 2: Dwight is a fan

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The number of electric cars on our roads is rising fast, but just a few years ago EVs were still unknown and unloved. A lot of people wonder whether an EV can keep going as long as a traditional car. Dwight Vandeput has now done more than 100,000 kilometres with his Polestar 2 over a two-year period. And he can confirm: “After 100,000 kilometres, this car still drives like new!”
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Dwight works at LeasePlan as the team manager of our second-hand vehicle store in Liège, around 92 kilometres from his home in Kampenhout. He covers over 180 kilometres in his Polestar 2 every day. “I do around 5,000 kilometres per month, including 1,000 kilometres for private purposes”, Dwight says. So a well equipped car is very important for him. He found that in the Polestar 2, which he has been driving for the past two years. His EV has now clocked up 100,000 kilometres. And Dwight is still a fan of his car.

Extra attention paid to comfort

LeasePlan makes a point of allowing all staff members to switch to an electric company car. As Dwight drives a long way every day, a car that offers sufficient comfort and an adequate range was important for him. “Two years ago, my colleagues and I switched to an EV. Luckily we were able to choose from a great range of cars, so I went straight for the Polestar 2”, he says. “And after two years and 100,000 kilometres on the clock, I’m still very pleased with this car. Smooth in traffic, spacious enough and very comfortable: this Polestar 2 really is the best car I’ve ever driven.”

Dwight’s favourite feature is the one-pedal driving, which means that your car engine brakes when you take your foot off the accelerator and stores power again. “Not only is this economical, but it makes driving a lot easier. I only need my brake pedal for an emergency stop. It makes long daily commuting much pleasanter. I enjoy a relaxed drive in my Polestar every day”, Dwight declares. “A lot of people say that driving electric is no longer ‘real’ driving. But I think that criticism is totally wrong: I don’t see why driving a noisy petrol car would be more fun. From now on I’ll be sticking with EVs!”

A different driving style and way of life

The switch to EV has also prompted Dwight to adapt his driving style. He feels a lot calmer behind the wheel now. “On the one hand, an electric vehicle is so powerful, which means that you can get through city traffic more easily without doing dangerous manoeuvres. On the other hand, you drive more calmly on the motorway. To increase your range, you bear down a little less on the accelerator. And when you fast charge, you take a rest for 10 to 15 minutes. I definitely feel more relaxed driving the EV”, Dwight says. Dwight mainly charges the car at home and at work. “I’m at the workplace all day long, so I link my car up to the charging station there. I don’t really ever feel that I actively have to go and charge it somewhere, because my car is storing power while I’m at work.” To drive longer distances he has to prepare better, of course. “When we go off for a weekend away, or on holiday, I always have to check which route is best to charge along the way. But you soon get used to that. And once you are familiar with your car’s capacity, it’s pretty easy”, he declares.

More charging stations would be welcome

Is there no downside at all to driving electric? “There are a few things”, says Dwight. “If you find yourself in an unexpected situation and you need your car but it’s not fully charged, that can be tricky. So I try to always have between 20 and 80 per cent capacity. Or if you’re looking for a public charging station, and they are all taken, that can be annoying. For instance once on a trip to the coast I had to go on to the next village to be able to charge the car”,

Dwight recounts. “And the most frustrating thing is when drivers leave their fully charged car at the charging station. Fortunately we are gradually seeing more attention paid to charging courtesy, among other things thanks to our Happy Charger campaign. But I think Belgium would do best to invest more in charging infrastructure”, he says.

Thinking about an electric vehicle yourself? If so, Dwight has a few tips:

Published at September 14, 2022
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September 14, 2022
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