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More than half of all Belgians is thinking about an electric car

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In Belgium, around 55% is considering to switch to an electric model when they choose their next car. This is the conclusion of a new mobility report that LeasePlan has compiled together with leading research agency Ipsos. Reduced consumption costs and lower CO2 emissions are the main arguments for buying or leasing an electric car.
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Will your next car be an electric model? More and more Belgians intend to trade in their petrol or diesel car for a model they can plug in. For the second time, LeasePlan and Ipsos conducted a survey about the most important mobility trends in the automotive industry. Participants from 22 countries were asked whether they would consider an electric car, and what would be the main reasons for making the switch, or for sticking to a car with a conventional engine.

Globally, 28% of all respondents indicate that their next car will probably be an electric vehicle (EV). Another 33% will at least consider it, while 39% is not yet planning to choose an EV. Belgians also show a positive attitude about switching to a more sustainable model, although they are slightly more cautious than the global average: 17% of Belgian respondents seem certain to choose an EV, while 38% are thinking about it. This means that electric cars are now on the radar of more than half of all Belgian participants of the survey.

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Attitudes towards electric cars are significantly improving. On average, two out of three participants in the global research appear to have a positive opinion about electric driving. In Belgium, around 53% of respondents share this view, while only 14% have a negative attitude. Moreover, one in three states that their opinion of electric cars has improved over the past year.

It is perhaps no surprise that younger drivers are more likely to choose an EV. Around 34% believes that their next car should be an electric model. In addition, electric vehicles are also preferred by 37% of participants who live in a city.

Lower consumption costs & emissions

Those who plan to buy or lease an electric car within the next five years, were also asked about their main motivation for doing so. In Belgium, 42% say that want an EV because it helps to reduce CO2 emissions. An EV obviously emits no harmful gases, unlike diesel or petrol cars. Emissions for generating electricity do not outweigh the pollution caused by conventional cars. Moreover, energy is increasingly being obtained from renewable sources.

Another 37% point to lower consumption costs as a main argument for choosing an electric car. After all, filling up a fuel tank with gasoline or petrol costs much more than charging a battery. In addition, electric cars also require less maintenance than a car with an internal combustion engine.

A third argument has to do with subsidies and tax benefits offered by the government. In Belgium too, tax deductions make electric cars really worth considering. For businesses, this is also a nudge in the right direction. In a few years from now, the entire fleet will probably have to be electric.

Younger drivers in particular consider the environment an important reason for buying or leasing an EV. More than half (51%) find lower CO2 emission a great motivator to drive electric. Slightly more women than men share this vision. Urban residents, on the other hand, see lower consumption costs (51%) as the key benefit of electric cars.

Waiting for the government

Of course, there are also obstacles that still prevent some of the respondents from switching to an EV. In Belgium, the purchase price of the cars is the biggest stumbling block (62%). Other concerns are the shortage of charging points (42%) and the limited driving range of an EV (28%). Interestingly, most participants are now putting the ball in the government’s camp. Almost half (47%) are waiting for government incentives to reduce the cost price of electric cars.

Either way, the report’s conclusion is that the future of mobility is more than ever electric. Around 58% of respondents believe they will be driving an electric car or another zero-emission model by 2030. And for those who still see purchase price as an obstacle but would like to go 100% electric … Leasing is the ideal solution!

By the way, did you know that LeasePlan employees already started switching to electric cars in 2018? At first, an EV is unknown territory for every new driver but soon the ultimate driving comfort prevails. Visit our website for answers to frequently asked questions about electric driving.

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Published at March 11, 2021
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March 11, 2021
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