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Is your fleet still meeting your employees' needs?

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A car is still an important status symbol. Cars are still a powerful tool for companies to attract employees in the war for talent. Certain models may even affect your brand image with the public at large. However, status isn't the only thing employers need to consider. For example, have you ever considered that nowadays, many employees may actually prefer smaller cars?
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Although in recent years many companies have wanted to offer their employees a wider range of optional benefits in a cafeteria plan, company cars are still an important factor in negotiations with job applicants. The choice of certain car models may also determine a company's image. In some cases, for example, employees can make a good impression by arriving at a customer site in a fancy car. However, the opposite may also be true – in that case it may be a good idea to go for alternative models.

Many companies are already opting for an electric fleet in the context of sustainability. Businesses who want to project a green image can certainly make a powerful statement right now by being among the first to have an electric fleet. In a few years' time electric cars will be the norm, so it's certainly not a bad idea to start the transition now.

Matching needs

As an employer, you should also try to match the choice of a company car as much as possible to the needs of your employees. Every employee is in a different stage of life and consequently has different expectations of a car. Those who live in the city, for example, are often better served by a more compact model. Moreover, the role of a car has also been thoroughly shaken up over the past year. How many vehicles were parked in the driveway for days on end without having to drive many kilometers?

The switch to telecommuting is likely to be here to stay in the longer term. The current crisis has only accelerated that process. Companies that adopt a more structural approach to telecommuting may soon expect to see their employees in the office only once or twice a week. As a result, people may wonder why they still see such a large chunk of their pay packet going to that company car every month.

The new way of workingmay also be the ideal time for many employees to opt for an electric vehicle. Meanwhile, the technology of these cars has advanced to such an extent that most of the prejudices have been swept aside. The action radius of a battery is large enough to easily get through an entire day. In addition, opting for electric is very interesting from a tax point of view, so that both employers and employees have a lot to gain from it.

Only the vacation period might stop some people from choosing electric. After all, they need a car that can easily take the whole family south. But surely it would be a shame to choose a car that is less economical based on two or three weeks a year? Fortunately, there is a solution. With the Holiday Car service, employees can use a temporary car for summer or ski vacations. Although you can actually get very far with an electric car these days.

leasen is the solution

It's clear that companies need a more flexible and varied fleet than ever before. That's why leasing cars has become a popular alternative to buying in recent years. It gives employers the opportunity to develop a long-term vision and make the necessary adjustments as they progress. For example, buying electric fleet cars is a serious investment, but lease contracts don't require any huge advance payments on your part. Thanks to these set monthly payments, your employees have the chance to switch to electric vehicles gradually and your company can take on a pioneering environmental role.

Leasing also allows you to offer your employees a wider choice of models. Whether they want a big car or a smaller model, your employees will surely find the car that's right for them. You can also include a holiday car in the employment contract to ensure that your employees can drive the car that's right for them all year round.

**To find out more, be sure to read our tips before buying a new car and see which motorshow deals we have in store for you. **

Published at March 16, 2021
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March 16, 2021
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